Friday, October 9, 2015

Heresy in the Library - Wolf King

Greetings good people and welcome back! Trooper here with another installment of "Heresy in the Library", where I review Black Library publications and let you, the reader at the other end of the data-slate, know how it is! Up for review is the new Horus Heresy novella Wolf King. In the aftermath of the disastrous engagement with the Alpha Legion and with no help coming from the nearby White Scars Legion, the Vlka Fenryka flee into a nearby nebula. Leman Russ is distant and it falls to his sons to lead the remnants of the VIth Legion out and back to Terra.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

RobPod #30: Ork Klanz & Planz

Had to go retro for this one.  Ooooorrkkkksss iiiinnnnn Sppppaaaaaccccceeee!

Hey Everyone, welcome back.  This time around we get a guest in the studio, and the topic is everyone's favorite grim dark fungus!  It's Orks on da menu, and for those who stikk around, there's some extra special tricks for folks looking to make their Orks a little more unique from those every day run-a-da-mill greenskins.

If you're interest is peaked, cheack out our review of the current Ork codex (and some 7th edition highlights) here!


Friday, September 25, 2015

State of My Game

Most appropriate image I could think of
Greetings Gentlereaders,

It's been a while, but grad school has me doing enough reading and writing on my computer that I don't always get in a game, much less write about anything I don't have to.  Far from abandoning the blog, I've been trying to deepen my understanding of WM/H and playing Cygnar been doing a lot to help with that.  I'll be trying to give an impression of my experiences with each of my armies and the systems they exist within.  I'm still somewhat a journeyman with regards to both, but I'm learning more and thought it best to share that experience with you all.  Maybe there's something you hadn't considered that it will bring to light, maybe there's something I haven't seen that you can point out to me.  But enough talk, have at you!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

RoBPod #29: X-Wing Wave VII and the 501st

Hey guys, in celebration of our 501st post, we've done an X-Wing podcast discussing the release of Wave VII and the new Force Awakens Starter!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Reformation Theses for 40k

I've finally done it. I've sat down and committed to article a proposed changelog for 40k. I've had the fortune of a lot of good discussion with friends and peers whom I respect greatly within the 40k community recently, and after seeing many of them leave the hobby for other games (30k and X-Wing, with some splatters of WM/H) I've tried to distill a list of things that grinds our gears for 40k. It's not a comprehensive log, and won't fix all gripes for all players. It's quick. It's dirty. But I'd like to think it's mechanical enough, and focused on the game rather than GW, to be able to try to kick around and see if it improves game feel for folks. So, here goes!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Honor the Codex: Building Steam, Talking Tax

For those of you have been longtime readers, you know that we here at Rites love talking about how 40k plays for different armies at different points costs. Whether we're talking about kill team, escalation leagues, tournaments, or apocalypse, it's fascinating to us to see the different dynamics that pan out based on available resources. So, that said, I'm fortunate enough that my FLGS is hosting a new 40k escalation league. After my last, very poor experience, I've decided to enroll my Ravens. They've got more options available to them, and I'm always excited to try new things with them.