Monday, August 31, 2015

The Time for Attack: Rebel Armada (Wave I)

Fellow Rebels, the Imperials believe they have us beat, but I bring good news and hope, our first wave of reinforcements is arriving! Our fighters will overwhelm the enemy, and take shelter in the mighty wings of our frigates. Lock wings to attack position, and let's being our attack run; the first wave is here!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I Smell Er-rat-ta

Greetings Gentlereaders,

Today I'm going to do my best to cover the direct effects and metagame implications of the recent errata document released by Privateer Press. There's some very simple, but impactful changes that hit a certain pair of epic sisters, and everyone's favorite mad scientist.  Combine that with some buffs to under-loved models and it feels like PP isn't just attempting to fix rules writing problems and typos, but rather to fix their mistakes in balancing models.  After my experience with GW erratas and their liberal use of "the most important rule," I'm happy to see something addressing perceived balance problems, even if they aren't addressing some of the problems I've heard are the most egregious.  With that preface, let's dig into these changes.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Team Up for Great Justice!

Greetings Gentlereaders,

Today I get to chat with you about one of my new favorite models supporting the armies of the ancestors, the young Tyrant Zaadesh.  As our part of the cycle of lesser warlocks, Zaadesh brings a distinctly Skorne spin on the concept.  He's impulsive young warlock, but he's also a man driven by his vision of the empire "as it should be."  When Makeada overthrew Vinter Raelthorne, she adopted the mantle of Supreme Archdomina and was the first skorne to rule the whole of the people.  Zaadesh wants to return the empire to its traditional ways of house warfare and infighting.  For all that divisive backstory, he is a piece in your arsenal that can bind together a list and take the weight of running a beast heavy list off some of our fury-starved casters.  If you're willing to take some risks, Zaadesh can be very rewarding, even if his beasts don't look like much on their own.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

RobPod #28: Mechanicum Series - Part III

Hello everyone, and welcome back.  I'm continuing my stay on Martian soil with another installment to my running series, this time I am joined by Trooper as we dive into two Black Library publications.  Novel reviews are normally a part of the Into the Black Library or Heresy in the Library series', but given the specialty of the topic, we figured they fit better here.  Today we're covering Mechanicum and Cybernetica. So strap in for some bionic hi-jinx and enjoy.

"When I grow up... I wanna go to MARS!


Saturday, August 15, 2015

Trooper's GenCon 2015 Write Up and Thoughts

Hey all, and welcome back to the Rites of Battle. This is Trooper and I'm writing something out of the norm in relation to what I usually put out. Just somethin
g quick and fun to wrap up the 2015 GenCon experience. I am going to break down things by day. While not as swanky of a video as Godfrey posted, or as cool as the podcast we all did... I do better with the written word anyway. I would also like to use this as a prelude to something else I would like to starting writing for on the Rites of Battle. I really would like to delve more into the roleplaying aspect of games. In a way it was my big break into gaming in general (my room mate Collin got me into dice rolling and a break up got me into 40k)So, without further ceremony....

Thursday, August 13, 2015

RobPod #27: GenCon!

It was a whirlwind weekend for Godfrey, Havoc, Trooper, and myself. Join us in recounding our adventures with GenCon 2015!