Tuesday, December 9, 2014

RoBPod #17: 40k Exstravaganza!

Welcome back, and welcome to the first of many things to come from our 40k Extravaganza! Gathering many of our closest friends and their armies, Corvus, Trooper, Havok, and Ultimate Dave and myself gathered for a weekend of pure 40k goodness.  With many games recorded for our re-emerging Battle Report line, the RobPod kicks off this revitalized call to arms from the Rites of Battle Staff.

So join us for our general round table discussion on 40k!  Many a thought are shared on many a topic... and while it may be somewhat disjointed, grab a beer and settle in for some good old fashioned chatting about our most favorite to loath grim darkness.


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Sorcerous Ways: Thousand Sons

Greetings fool mortals, the way before you is ever changing, and only those gifted of higher consciousness may yet experience it. A tale told in two parts, each dependent on the other. For those of you unaware, my first 40k army is my Blood Ravens company, near and dear to my heart. As I dug and dove into the lore of the army, I was lucky enough to experience their story as it unfolded across DoW II, as well as some of the novels, not the least of which was A Thousand Sons, so hailed for cryptically documenting the birth of Magnus's last great offering unto the Imperium. Upon reading the tome, I too fell in love with the first sons of the Red, slowly working myself away from my highly competitive Necrons, and the breadth of my loyal Company. Where this love lead me was into a second book (and happily soon to be a third) in the form of Ahriman: Exile as well as into what I have deemed my 'escalation army', a joint venture into the fluffiest purposes of Tzeentch. Read on for reviews of two sorts.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Faith and Purity: Grey Knight Codex Review (With podcast!)

Hey everybody, Corvus here, and in the wake of my "War. Game." post, I decided it was high time to get my feet wet with a 7th edition codex. After some browsing of other cidices, I was left with the new Grey Knights, something I have off and on referred to as "Objectively the worst codex this side of Tyranids," a dubious honor I didn't even award to Orks or DEldar. So, what made me decide to take the plunge? Hit the gap and read on, or tune in. It's not a narrated post mind you, so the experiences are unique!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Intergalactic Toys Hits Indy

Hey folks, welcome back.  So continuing my unplanned stint away from the Grim Dark, I come today bearing more of a news spot and review rather than my usual observations and musings.  Recently a friend of mine had asked me "Hey... wanna go to this new toy store here in town?"  Me being the ever-poor, but nerd that I am couldn't resist the urge to check out a toy store.  My original mindset was that I would go and take a look around, but probably not buy anything.  Money is tight these days. And yet I still failed spectacularly not to buy something...

Friday, October 31, 2014

A Quick Thought on Dungeon Mastering (DM'ing)

Hi folks, time to change gears for a moment and talk about something outside of the Grim Dark. Recently I started putting together some elements for a D&D campaign which takes inspiration from several sources, and mixes them together into the core ideas that make up the setting and the mechanics for my party.  One of my favorite parts of Dungeon Mastering is the sheer freedom of creation available to you before you even have the party members selected.  Creating a world, often from scratch, is such a test of creativity that I find fascinating each time I delve into it.  I myself tend to take bitz and pieces from one source or another and merge them into a whole new universe for my players.  While this can have it's own challenges, it can often have heightened rewards.  But it's a delicate balancing act no matter which way you slice it.

This campaign marks the first one I have officially run in quite some time, and if you don't count the last one, which was more or less a last minute decision, it's been a solid few years since I have had the joy of putting together a full blown campaign of my own.  But unlike my previous adventures into the realm of DM'ing, I thought I'd challenge myself with something different this time, and it's the source of my thoughts here.  The challenge is that while I have put together a fair number of background elements and an exhaustibly large amount of time into mechanics alterations (which I feel are necessary for any DM wanting to introduce their players to a unique world of their own creation), I intend to run this game off the cuff.  Sessions won't be planned, nor will the layouts of buildings or the consistency of enemy ranks for combat.  With the exception of a lose, somewhat ad-hock plot that will be seen more and more as the game progresses, the goal here is to produce a game without really planning ahead.  It's an endurance test of pure imagination, where the possibilities, and of course the pitfalls, are endless.

But before I go on, I want to stop for a moment and compare these styles of Dungeon Mastering, both of which I have utilized to some extend or another.  However, no matter what conclusion I reach, or the pros and cons I find with each... I don't think there is a right way to DM.  These methodologies of approach will not fit everyone's taste, as everyone will tweak things differently for a variety of reasons.  I'm merely presenting the methods I have used over my many campaigns, and commenting on what I enjoyed and didn't care for along the way.  So with that, let's jump behind the screen and see what awaits us there.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Heresy in the Library - Rebirth

Greetings good people and welcome back! Trooper here with another installment of "Heresy in the Library", where I review Black Library publications and let you, the reader at the other end of the data-slate, know how it is! Up for review is the new Nick Kyme novel, Rebirth, the first in the "Circle of Fire" trilogy detailing the Salamanders chapter and their "legendary" war with the Sisters of Battle against the Black Legion. While I don't know what exactly is so legendary about the "Promethean War", Kyme has seen fit to make another Salamanders trilogy on the matter. So sit back, grab some amasec, and enjoy my review of Rebirth.