Monday, August 16, 2010

Dark Eldar Poison

I am sure that everyone has heard the rumors about the new Dark Eldar that said to be coming out soon. Personally I’m looking forward to seeing all the new toys the Dark Eldar get as they haven’t gotten a new codex since 1999. For perspective the Tau have come into existence and gotten a new codex during the time that the DE have been running off the same version. So today I’m going to take a look at what is one of the most basic core parts of any army: the basic gun. The marines have the bolt weaponry, the IG their flashlights, the elder their shurikens, and the Tau have the fancy S5 guns. First up you guys have to understand that I don’t have any fancy insider sources (yet) so all the information here is based on the rumors already floating around the net and therefore must be taken with a grain of salt. The rumors about the basic weapons seem to be pretty much confirmed at this point, but nothing is certain until the codex is actually out.

Now onto the actual discussion: poisoned weapons. It seems that the standard shot will be a S3 poisoned (4+) AP5 that comes in a sidearm 12” pistol version, the standard 24” rapid fire version, and a heavy versions. So what does this mean? It’s the poisoned part that matters. The 4+ means that the shot will always wound on a 4+ regardless of the targets toughness, but if the target’s toughness is equal to or less than the strength of the weapon (3) then the failed rolls to wound can be rerolled. This is a pretty big improvement over the old splinter weaponry set which was a rather plain S3 AP5 with no gimmicks.

So what does this mean for the game? It depends on the race being shot. Marines and Orks won’t care at all, albeit for different reasons. Marines (and Necrons too) because they are used to being wounded on a 4+ and their power armor lets them shrug it off and Orks because they are used to being outright killed on a 4+. IG infantry are going to hate it because while they be used to being killed on a 4+ or even a 3+ they aren’t used to being killed on a 4+ that rerolls, increasing the kill rate to 75% of all hits compared to the 50% of non poisoned S3 and the 66% of S4. The Eldar and Tau aren’t going to be terribly pleased either, because while they do still get their armor saves, the reroll due to poisoned means that they are going to be making a lot more of them. Even the Tyranids have reason to worry as their defense is typically based on their high toughness rather than their armor save. And to poison weapons T6 might as well be T4. Tyranid warriors in particular could be feeling a lot of pain when they start taking wounds on 4+ from the most basic gun in the army.

So what do you guys think that this means for your army and style of play? For me and my BAs I don’t think much will change, but then again I am considering starting a DE army if I like the final feel of the army so maybe I’ll have to come up with some new tactics to work this new type of gun.


  1. I have heard that while these rumors are sounding more and more like fact, the army is not getting much in the way of new weapons. This will be a great way for the armory to gain effectiveness while remaining small in the way of variety.

    These weapons can do more, and thus there is no need for much beyond that. I feel they aren't going to make too much difference except when firing at larger targets with High toughness values as you stated, and the T3 targets as well.

    All in all, it looks to be an interesting army build. The ol Dark Eldar player in me can holy hope the Archons will be as great as they should be, and the haemonks get some loving in both model and abilities >:D

  2. It will be interesting to see if they can get the balance of the DE as right as they did last time. All that BS about them either tabling you on turn 1-2 or losing better end up false, as an army built this way is very hard to balance without the army in question either being too good or just flat out stinking.

    I hope they are faster than Blood Angels. I hope Dark Lances are changed somehow. I hope the models look boss (we all know they will).

    After seeing the Nid FAQ I would wait until the DE FAQ to see how the army really plays.

  3. Seeing how tarmies got poisoned hand attacks, it wouldn't surprise me to see them get poisoned weapons all around (it would also be good for the fluff).
    What I am worried about is toughness(T) becoming something that doesn't even matter any more. Wraithlords were boss back than, and it seems they are getting dismantled because just about everything is able to get past its T.
    May bee they will get balanced out with a nice price tag, but I doubt it. Any way, time will tell.