About Rites of Battle

"Never shall the knowledge of the
faithful be lost to time."

Created to bring our voice to the already impressive web community of table-top gamers, Rites of Battle is our contribution to this vast pool of knowledge.  We strive to create articles that not only bring our own personal thoughts to the community, but also welcome the input of others.  Rites has always had a long standing respect for the art of discussion, and we invite all of our followers to get involved by discussing the topics at hand.

We realized that in order to fully involve our community, we wanted to branch out and allow more people the chance to participate in the creation of content for Rites.  "Guest Articles" was created as a way to bring the wisdom and experiences of others to not only to the writing staff, but also the community as a whole.  We continue to invite all of our followers to contribute by sending their articles to ritesofbattleblog@gmail.com.

We hope to continue to bring the very best in community and discussion to the online world by and for gamers from all corners of the web

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