Tuesday, December 9, 2014

RoBPod #17: 40k Exstravaganza!

Welcome back, and welcome to the first of many things to come from our 40k Extravaganza! Gathering many of our closest friends and their armies, Corvus, Trooper, Havok, and Ultimate Dave and myself gathered for a weekend of pure 40k goodness.  With many games recorded for our re-emerging Battle Report line, the RobPod kicks off this revitalized call to arms from the Rites of Battle Staff.

So join us for our general round table discussion on 40k!  Many a thought are shared on many a topic... and while it may be somewhat disjointed, grab a beer and settle in for some good old fashioned chatting about our most favorite to loath grim darkness.


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Sorcerous Ways: Thousand Sons

Greetings fool mortals, the way before you is ever changing, and only those gifted of higher consciousness may yet experience it. A tale told in two parts, each dependent on the other. For those of you unaware, my first 40k army is my Blood Ravens company, near and dear to my heart. As I dug and dove into the lore of the army, I was lucky enough to experience their story as it unfolded across DoW II, as well as some of the novels, not the least of which was A Thousand Sons, so hailed for cryptically documenting the birth of Magnus's last great offering unto the Imperium. Upon reading the tome, I too fell in love with the first sons of the Red, slowly working myself away from my highly competitive Necrons, and the breadth of my loyal Company. Where this love lead me was into a second book (and happily soon to be a third) in the form of Ahriman: Exile as well as into what I have deemed my 'escalation army', a joint venture into the fluffiest purposes of Tzeentch. Read on for reviews of two sorts.