Friday, May 23, 2014

Lex Verum Astartes II: Army Special Rules

Hi Everyone, and welcome back.  Today we're going to start taking a look at some of the rules for the Verum Astartes project, and what better place to start than the Special Rules for the army.  This is the first installment of a few which revolve around the army's special rules, as there are quite a few that need to be detailed in here.

With the changes to the Allies Matrix shaking that all up, I'll be working to incorporate those in the next installment, as well as getting a list of the chapter tactics made up.  But, regardless of your Chapter lineage or the friends you bring with you to the fight, these data slates apply to all Space Marines from my project codex.


Thursday, May 15, 2014

Podcast #12 - Pregaming, the 7th Edition Way

With the dawn of a new book upon us, we felt it prudent to do a "before and after snapshot" of 7th, both in the lead up, and in the follow through. For those of you looking for my companion article, it's here. So, tune in and enjoy the ride.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Into the Black Library: Priests of Mars

Greetings all, and welcome back.  I thought I'd write up my thoughts on my most recent reading material from Black Library, Priests of Mars.  It is the first in a trilogy by none other than my favorite author Graham McNeill, avid author of Black Library and once upon a time the author of Codex: Black Templar.  True to his high standards, the book is a fantastic work of art which covers a huge swath of the lore which until now has remained fairly shrouded in the mysterium of the 41st millennium. It is one of my favorite single groups not only among the Imperium of Man, but in the whole of 40k... The Adeptus Mechanicus.  And as an added bonus, I also get to read more about my favorite chapter of the Adeptus Astartes.  And who better to capture their essence in detail besides he who bore them into their own right?

All bias aside, The book stands as the foundation of an excellent tale which breaks the boundaries of the galaxy itself.  And it's only the first of three.

A Word of Warning, there will be spoilers ahead.  Turn ye from this page should you not wish the spoils of plot upon yourself.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Heresy in the Library - Vengeful Spirit

Greetings good people and welcome back! Trooper here with another installment of "Heresy in the Library", where I review Black Library publications and let you, the reader at the other end of the data-slate, know how it is! Up for review is the newest Horus Heresy full length novel Vengeful Spirit. In it we revisit the Sons of Horus legion about midway through the Horus Heresy itself. Horus himself returns in full swing and some interesting, albeit "old" side plots open up throughout the novel. Ultimately the Battle of Molech, which the book details, comes out to be apocalyptic and fun as we could expect. So sit back, grab some amasec, and enjoy my review of the Vengeful Spirit. 

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Peering Through The Mists: Rumors of 7th

Hello dear readers. Today, I invite you to join me on a wonderful and fantastic voyage. We'll delve into rumor, retrospective, and meta-cognition as we seek to divine the state of things moving forward in 40k. This article is long, and heady. It's designed to be a complete evaluation of the game top to bottom, approached in even more detail than a podcast would go through. Take a deep breath, and hit the break to follow me down the rabbit hole.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Critique Corner: Army of Ghosts

Greetings Gentlereaders,

Today I get to join in on the fun of list analysis. I'll be starting with an Eldar theme list from our old friend ZerkeX. He's wanting to dive into xenos after being a long time marine player.  He, and Godfrey, love the wraith army concept and want to see it work. I'm a fan of the Saim-Han style of doing a drive-by on my opponents, but this idea intrigued me. That, and it's been way too long since ZerkeX asked me to do this, so I'm going to give this the best shot I can. Preemptive thanks to Corvus for his help with helping me understand the meta and refreshing my fundamentals after a long drought of 40k. Take a look at that picture -> it's going to be important.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Meta Begets Meta?

Hey Folks, I thought I'd touch on a topic that has crossed my mind as the 40k universe sits perched on the edge of a new edition, shrouded in possibility.  There is something in the rules which has prompted many players to focus on exploiting one mechanic, and because of this, another part of the game has become extremely powerful.  I'm talking about the Hull Point system, and how players have reacted to this by reducing, or flat out removing heavy hitting firepower for alternatively cheaper, less potent weapons with the express interest of simply drowning their enemy in firepower.  But I feel that the long-lasting and over-arching ramifications of this has lead to much of what people dislike about the meta these days.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Let's Be Friends! - Sisters of Battle

Welcome to the desolate wastes readers, noting around for as far as the eye can see. This is the land time forgot. A land of metal, poorly sculpted faces, and quite possibly the only codex to make Tyranids say "I'm sorry you're so bad." Yes, this is the badlands of the Sisters of Battle Adepta Sororitas. Sorry, gotta keep up on those names we can actually protect! Maybe if we make some friends though, things wouldn't be so... horribly barren out here. Can anyone help us out?