Monday, April 29, 2013

GW strikes again!

It appears that GW has deemed it necessary to send Bell of Lost Souls (BoLS) as well as Faiet 212 a CND order due to posting of upcoming/current White Dwarf publicized magazines.  With these being some of the game's major contributors to the online community, what does this mean for the future of 40k's online communities.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Hunter Cadre, pt. 2: The Fire Warrior

For the...greater...zzz
Greetings Gentlereaders,

It's time to look at the heart of the cadre around which you should build all your armies and most of your efforts, the Fire Warrior team.  While not greatly changed on the surface, the fire warrior team's wargear and options have changed significantly and they have been catapulted to center stage in the Tau player's playbook rather than being relegated to hiding in a devilfish.  While Son of Horus has been promoting them to me since before the new codex, I had consistently underestimated them due to my dice luck.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Tomb World Awakens: 111

Greetings dear readers, as we close our series with a retrospective and summary, looking to apply all that we've learned from our review, so that we may create a more perfect list. There is much to discuss and much more to discover. Onward we surge, our powers amassed and awakened. Let the living fear!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Codex Astartes- The Rhino APC


I have been meaning to write a detailed tactical guide to playing Space Marines well for a very long time. Despite this series’ title, "Codex Astartes," this applies equally to any Space Marine or Chaos Space Marine army—there is nothing that will be discussed that is contingent on the army list you bring to the table in and of itself.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hunter Cadre, pt. 1: Supporting Fire

Through Unity, Devastation!
Greetings Gentlereaders,

Today is the first article in the follow up to my series of articles on the 4th edition Tau codex.  With the new Tau codex and my impending graduation, I've been a bit behind in getting this out.  There have been several sweeping changes to the codex in wargear, units, and rules.  The best analogy I can come up with is a character taking a prestige class: the base is still there, but something new and wholly different is there also now.  The codex now is both more based on its fluff and competitively viable.  As    Black Blow Fly correctly pointed out in his article today one of the features of sixth edition, and Tau especially, is that armies tend to play best when played to emphasize the themes of their fluff.  The theme of this codex is synergy, so let's look into how that happens.

Friday, April 19, 2013

The Tomb World Awakens 110

Necrons wallpaper
Now who doesn't have character!

Indeed here we find ourselves back at the beginning, once again examining the great generals which command our largely mindless hordes. Commanders fierce and mighty, terrifying to behold. This article will focus on the characters in the codex. Slight addendum: This article was originally posted on 3/29 and was un-posted due to some unknown technical glitch. Bear with me as I have re-written it to the best of my abilities.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Podcast #4 Tau Codex Review

Listen in as Heretic, Godfrey, and I all chat about the Tau codex, as well as Godfrey's recent article regarding the fate of the Space Marine.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Fate of the Space Marine?


I'd like to open a topic for discussion regarding the Space Marine.  It's fairly hard to play 40k, and not see the imagery or artwork of the stoic Space Marine embraced by the loving arms of conflict.  Everything from GW official to fan art depicts these warriors in epic proportions, fending off hundreds of xenos, heretics, and mutants alike.  The Black Library features a near in-exhaustible amount of reading materials, all depicting the Space Marine as the bravest and best of the Imperium of Man.

With all that, surely the Space Marines must feel epic on the tabletop, right?  To that I say, no... and don't call me Sherly!

Friday, April 5, 2013

The Dawn has Arrived


For years we have protected our empire against those who would destroy it.  With our blood it is kept whole, by our strength it has been expanded.  Our scars testify to the struggle we have borne.  Our hearts are heavy with the memory of our fallen comrades, but we have held our heads high .  We have fought  against the gue'ui, the greenskins and the menace from beyond to protect our families.  We have been met with treachery and malice at every turn, but we have endured. Though our conviction has not faltered  too many of our homes have burned and too many of our comrades have given their lives for the greater good.

No more!  While we have kept the inner septs secure, our brothers and sisters have not been idle.  They have be serving the greater good in their own way.  These past several months our por'la comrades have been testing new weapons and retrofitting our existing systems.  Today, we put their skill and diligence into action. Today, we drive the enemy from our homes and take the fight to theirs.  Today, we show them the strength of our cause and the inevitability of our destiny.

For our fallen comrades!  For Aun'Va!  FOR TAU!