Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Legion: XX - Hydra Dominus

Greetings Alpharius, and it's so good to see you too Alpharius! Today's 30k piece kicks off an attempt to delve into the legion by legion rules that form the backbone of 30k. It's just as much about trying to establish the definitive handbook to the legions as it is for my own knowledge and benefit, as I feel the fervor of battle is much more manageable when I'm familiar with all the individual little parts and pieces. Likewise, I know that expertise spills over into my list construction owing to the same principles. It's easier to build a more cohesive whole when I know how all the parts tend to work and mesh together. Plus, by starting with the Alpha Legion, I get to do some window shopping in terms of what's available in the other legions. How's that? I'll show you.