Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Double Header Weekends

So the folks here are gearing up for something we've never had before. We have not one but two tournaments approaching, hints the double header. We have usually been able to host our events with a fair bit of time between us and our friendly rival group down in Bloomington. However, due to a scheduling conflict with many of our local gamers, we had to postpone the event until this coming weekend. With only a week between our event and Bloomington's, we're sure to have some grand stories of battle fatigue... or maybe not :D

We hope to see everyone there, and we invite any of our readers (near or far) to join us. Check out the link to our gamer group, and look for more detailed stories to come in soon.



  1. Wish I could make both of them, but unfortunatly, I am only able to make one, and that is the one here in town. I wish I could go tot he bloomington event, but unfortunatly, I have a baby on the in currently...and should be here within the night. So I can not afford to be that far away in case of emergency.

  2. Mozeltov! I hope everything goes well and you two have as good a time with that as can be. Definitely the right choice between tourney and baby (not that it's really a choice, but good on you either way).

  3. It seems I will only be able to make the Bloomington tournament as I will be in Bloomington or on my way up to Muncie, with a stop in Indy, on that day. Good luck to all.