Monday, May 31, 2010

So, about that Khorne army I play.

Some time ago I posted the list for 2k that I use when I play my Khorne CSM. To recap, here's the list:

2x8 Zerks, Pfist Champ, Rhino w/EA
7 Zerks, Pfist Champ, Rhino w/EA
3x Dreadnoughts, Multi-melta, EA
Defiler- 2CCW
Vindicator- Possession, Dozer Blades
3x Obliterators
2x 8 lesser daemons

So, after going through several games with this list, there are a number of entertaining "tricks" that have popped up from playing different people. The first of which is that the Defiler, which I lovingly refer to as "Mr. Bojangles", is about as idiotic and inaccurate as a drunken sailor going after a baby seal. As such, he'll do one of two things: either he will soak up a lot of fire early on from his intimidating stature, or he'll sit in the corner and fire shell after shell (read: miss after miss). He's a relatively dangerous bluff, and it's entertaining. Both him and the Vindicator don't really perform all that much beyond being anti-tank attractions. The Dreadnoughts fulfill a similar role, but they are far more vital to my battle plan. Either they go as a trio in a flank manoeuver, or they screen my Rhinos. All this would be great if they didn't go insane and end up shooting eachother every other game. They're another unit that attracts a lot of attention, partly because of their inherent insanity, another because they're pretty useful when they aren't mad. Now, in this list I only have one personal icon, and that's on Kharen. Luckily, due to the baby daemons being able to come in from reserves and assault, I've had the great luck of being able to use them to assault walkers and tie them up for multiple turns, saving the Rhino and its cargo. Now, for the use of the Zerker squads themselves. When it comes to these fools, I only ever use them when I am either forced to, or the benefit outweighs their deaths. Kharen has a special role herself. If the daemons have all been summoned and have done their job, it's her job to go out, engage, and die gloriously to buy the rest of the troops time to finish the game. Mind you, these are mainly for objective missions, in KP the game changes and I get to play that fun game where I have to look turns ahead to see if an action will get me in the lead.

These are just some random things that have come up while playing this army. My opinion on how strong Chaos is relative to the other armies is that it doesn't have the tools to compete. No fast attack options that work well, as well as the complete and utter lack of any form of psychic defense outside of Kharen's relative immunity to certain psychic effects. Compile this with how only the Plague Marines are a real deal for what you get, and Chaos is rather mono-colored for being able to deal with as many opponents as possible.

Now, I am currently working on a Tau army, the full complement of models should be in my possession at the end of this week. I also plan on starting Khador in Warmachine to play with another system. Come later this summer I'll also be posting on my Dwarves for Warhammer Fantasy. Hopefully they'll have a stronger position with a new core rules set.

So, yeah, I'll have more stuff to post on besides just how rules and arguments work.

See you, space cowboy


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  1. holy christ there sir...that is alot games to be playing all at one time. Good luck with the Tao though.