Friday, July 9, 2010

Progress Report: Godfrey's Templar I

Hello again everyone. Loki here presenting you all with a look at the progress of my newest army, the Black Templar. I have decided to go with the standard Black with white shoulders scheme on the majority of the army. I have spiced up a few little bits with my own personal touch, and after seeing the initial work, I am pleased to say it adds a nice unique touch to the squads I want to have stand out.

I recently purchased a new desk that was large enough to accommodate my computer and my hobby supplies without having to constantly shuffle them around each other. Having the entire army set out on the table, It gave me a good look at all the models in the army and so I will show you what I have by unit. I'll just start from the bottom and work up.

Crusader Squads
Like any army the core of it's ability to work usually lies in the troops branch of the Force Organization Tree. Templar armies are a prime example of how to make the most of limited, but powerful troops. Though they are still running with the issues an older codex can bring upon units, this very same issue often lends a helping hand as well.

Even though the codex only has one troops choice, the ability to run neophytes (scouts) with the unit makes them extremely versatile. This allows for squads to use lesser point models for allocating early wounds to so that you don't lose as much in the inevitable casualty rate of the 40th millennium. It also allows for squad sizes reaching 20 (plus independent characters) making them the largest Space Marine squad available. The added ability to make them bolter based, assualt based, or a combination of the two makes this already good unit into an amazing unit.

But without a doubt what really makes these troops units stand out is simply the Templar rule for Preferred Enemy granted by the Emperor's Champion. With the other vows being null and void or not worth taking, this rule is practically an Army Special rule when facing Templar. I usually run my Champion with a squad of Crusaders to give them some extra bite in the assault phase.

All in all, these units make one heck of a scoring unit, as well as a bread and butter unit to make sure the battles are never boring.

Heavy Hitters

These are the units I can count on bringing some major pain to the enemy's units, be they great or small, these units never care, as they are all only hurdles that must be jumped to reach to final goal... uncompromising victory!

My vindicator, Big Fau is a relatively new addition to the crusade. I have always been a big fan of the Demolisher cannon's role in the marine army, as it often rids me of extremely pesky enemy units. Having looked into the codex, I realized that this codex still allows me to buy "Power of the Machine Spirit" for vehicles. Now Vindicators are notorious for being deadly, but add the ability to shoot almost constantly makes for an amazing tank.

I used spare Templar Land Raider doors from the Upgrade boxes, on the side hatches, as well as some other fun bits to make the tank feel a little more like it belongs within the zealous ranks of my marines. All in all it has performed most admirably since it's induction.

I do not have a picture to go with my Venerable Dreadnought as I wanted Privett (Our local Painting Wizard) to make him extra pretty. He uses a Venerable Black Templar Torso from Forgeworld, with a few extra bits from the new plastic Venerable kit, as well as a custom home made sword to use as a DCCW. With the added perk of Tank Hunters, he becomes a great anti-armor unit, with some extra melee support for tactical response. Holding up swarms of Hormigaunts with nothing but an unbeatable dreadnought is extremely helpful.

Next in line is the Sword Brethren Terminator Squad. Though they are converted from Black Reach bodies, they still manage to bring fear into the minds of the enemy. Pictured with them is a Terminator Chaplain as well as a Terminator Marshal. These two HQ's rarely see battle, but I enjoy the ability and the option to have them if I feel it prudent to run Tactical Dreadnought Armor. I love this unit's ability to devastate just about any unit it hits on the field... However I rarely run them. This is due to two major reasons. 1. Every Templar Army out there seems to run them, and 2. I have an alternative Hammer unit to replace them...

The Command Squad, and the baby of my Army.

Without a doubt this is my favorite unit in the codex. I know they require a lot of points to make worth the taking, but if run well, they are a devastating unit to combat. Now I will caution that the only real way to run them is with Helbrecht as the unit becomes a full blown retinue and has the ability to run up to 5 neophytes with it. These two additional rules alone make the squad amazing.

I wanted these models to stick out among the rest of the army, so their shoulder pads are a dark red with bronze trim. This makes the unit not only stand out, but offer a great alternative scheme while simultaneously keeping the black armor to keep an army-wide uniform feel. This unit is by far my biggest reason for starting this army, and though they have their flaws, I love em!

Other Units

These units are great models, and offer me some variety to add to my list to keep the army from getting old. I have played many different lists and often incorporate these additional models and units into the fray to make it interesting.

Using the Hector Rex model from Forgeworld, I sometimes run a Grey Knight Grand Master as he has two things that help the army out immensely, a great psychic Hood, and a Nemesis Force Weapon. I love the model, and the ability to run him as an Allied HQ makes for a great addition both Tactically and artistically. After a week of work on the model, I can say it is the most beautiful model I have ever painted.

To continue giving myself some alternative modeling and tactical options, I have additional HQ units (A Marshal and a Chaplain). These models are made from Sicarius and a Legion of the Damned Sergent with some conversion work to both. These models are beautiful, and I use the as non-named HQ units.


You can still catch the fumes rolling off these models as they just came in today. Grimaldus hits the table for some high toned and fancy painting soon. I may try out the tough as nails Chaplain in the future, but for now I just like having the model at my disposal. He's a beaut' and I can't wait to get the brushes on him soon.

So there you have it. I know this almost felt like a codex review, but I will try to keep you all posted on the progress of the army as it gets closer to the finish line. Hope everyone else is getting some modeling and hobbyin' time over the summer.


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