Monday, August 9, 2010

The Forgeworld Wish List

So I know there is a lot of love that we the 40k gaming community have for this company, and of course the hatred we have when they flaunt those beautiful models with the price tag that would make a flash git cry. Having choices ranging from simple accessories, to amazing looking single units, clear up to entire armies, it seems that this company has everything one could wish for. Or do they?

I have been pondering a few little models that they have as a starting point for the next army I may start, but as of right now I'm not happy. I haven't found any real must have units for a long time. I know there are things that I wish could be on there from some of the fluff, as well as the chance for them to make beautiful models for older units (the old GW Sword Brethren models still look great, but having new resin ones would make me a very happy panda... in fact any real Templar options besides doors would be great), and other older types like the warp spiders, and perhaps more Necron love than just the pylon (which require more to be constructed of course).

And of course we all know that there are certain armies that seem to be the very core of this company's being. For instances... Orks. It seems the line up for their production is something along the lines of Orks, Space Marines, Orks, Eldar, Orks, Orks, Space Marines, Orks, Orks, Tau, Orks, Orks, Orks, Space Marines, Orks, Orks, Orks, Orks... Orks.

I know they have some fun features to look at, and each bit has a story to tell... but I think they have more than enough options as it is I would personally like to see some armies out there get something other than one or two options, of which one or both of which being rhino doors.

Then there are some options that are now just not really worth it. That's right, I'm looking at you Eldar! With the new Prism/Spinner boxes put out by GW (which are beautiful!) these Forgeworld alternatives are only expensive bad decisions. For a quick comparison, let's take a look

Now while the Forgeworld option doesn't look "bad" it's more expensive, more hassle, and in my opinion not even as good looking as the new plastic version. And the Spinner isn't the only unit that felt this hit. This means that many of the options for Eldar are just not worth the time (baring the amazing looking Avatar).

As it all comes down to what they decide to make next, we can only hope it will be for our army. Their recent production of older marine armor is a great chance for those pre-heresy armies to get some accurate models. But I really hope it is over soon, and the production of more usable and varied units hits us soon.

Do you have any hopes for future Forgeworld merchandise? My personal hope is for just about anything Black Templar related, as I think Forgeworld could make a beautiful character or unit regardless. But, until they do, I can only hope.



  1. I personally would love to see Forgeworlds take on some of the new nid units, especially the tervigon, the tyrannofex, and of course DOOM!!! I like a lot of forgeworlds tyranid line with the exception that the models I do want for my own army are very pricey (I'm looking at you Hierophant)

  2. I'd also like to see updates of some of the old Epicast Tyranid units. With the exception of the Dactylis, most of the old units would fit in really well with the new Nid aesthetic.

    The Black Templar storm shields are ridiculously awesome. My Crimson Fists will be getting some of these. Forgeworld's servitors always look great; imagine what they could do with some Cenobyte Servitors and a special character Chaplain.

  3. Wienas, you should check out Scibor's Storm Shields. They are exceptional and I plan to have a few in my army. Here's the link to check em out.,shop.php?art=896#i/conversion_parts/big/big_templar_shields_01.jpg

  4. Forge World really took the Tau under their wing and gave them the sprucing up where Citadel has neglected them. In fact, the 2 newest Tau vehicles, the Skyray and the Piranha, were first released BY Forge World in resin. Forge World also added to the Tau background with the Taros Campaign IA book. The also added a plethora of new battlesuits which are just plain awesome. But your right that Forge World has spent way too much time on Orks to be considered mentally healthy.

  5. I did not know that about Tau. That gives me hope for the new codex whenever it comes out. Anything to give my fishy comrades more fluff and gundams.

    If orks can sell they'll build more and I guess they sell as they just keep making more. Rabbits don't multiply that fast.

  6. What would I like to see from forgeworld...well the first thing I would like to see is a special order Ordo Malleus Terminator box. I think they have done an amazing job with the Space wolf termies, and I would love to see my next army get some resin awesomeness. The next thing I would like to see is them replace this damned door to my land raider that they managed to break in transit, as I pulled it out, and lo and behold the front hatch door was broke...makes me sad.

  7. How was it broken? To me the only thing I can see being broke would be one of the two side bars that can easily be fixed... but maybe there's something else?

  8. nope the door is split down the middle there Loki...Piece of shit is what it is, and paper thin. Good thing I had a spare set.