Friday, January 21, 2011

Hobby Table IV

Greetings to all of my fellow gamers and hobby enthusiasts out there and welcome to another edition of Hobby Table. As my search for making 40k more interesting continues, I have come up with another mission type that takes a game type we see come up frequently in the old "roll for mission, roll for set-up" scenarios. Looking back at the previous missions created here, I have been adapting them a little more each time I play them, and as it turns out they all have a mission and set up reflected without being a simple copy and paste.

First we had Meat Grinder, which is a somewhat more involved version of Seize Ground with a flopped deployment. Secondly, we had Containment, which added a bit of spice and variety to Annihilation on Pitched Battle. So after looking at the options, I realized I had not come up with a mission to reflect Capture and Control or Spear Head deployment. This lead to my newest mission creation...

Mission: Assault on the Control Room

On the battlefields across the galaxy, it is no surprise that the force with the best organization will almost always triumph. This has proven itself time and again, and so it is this mission that reflects on the battle for tactical supremacy on the front lines.

This battle is designed to show sabotage tactics to remove an enemy's command center on the front lines, so as to gain the edge over the enemy.

The game plays by standard Capture and Control rules as described in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook.

Set Up
Divide the table in half diagonally from corner to corner. Once done, both players roll a dice and the winner chooses one of the sections, and the opponent deploys opposite. Units must remain 12" or more away from the centered diagonal line of the table.

After determining deployment zones. The player going first must place his/her Control Room (point) within their deployment zone. The opponent then does the same. After the points have been placed, deploy units as normal.

Please note that units fall back to the long table edge of their deployment zone.

Both armies may use reserves as normal.

Victory Conditions
Whoever has the most objectives at the end of the game wins. In the event that no points are left at the end of the game, Victory Points will be used to determine the victor.

Special Rules

Control Room: In this mission, the control points represent the focus of command for the army's front line. As this is the case, it has been well fortified to protect it from fire. If the point is placed in a piece of terrain, that piece of terrain is considered to have the "Bolster Defenses" special rule. Please note that this benefit will work on any terrain, and will not allow the piece of terrain to be "Bolstered" further.

If the point is placed in no terrain, units with a model in base to base contact with the control room with benefit from a 5+ cover save. Please note units may not benefit from this save if a model in that unit is more than 3" away from the point.

Set Us Up the Bomb: It is the goal of this mission to both destroy the enemy's Control Room, and defend one's own point from being destroyed. Each army has created a bomb powerful enough to reduce the enemy's fortified Control Room to rubble, but it must be done from the inside.

Nominate a model in the army to carry the Bomb. Units selected from the HQ section may NEVER carry the bomb (no general will risk carrying a bomb in combat). If the model carrying the bomb is killed, another member of that model's unit may pick up the Bomb immediately. If there are no other models in the squad or the model was not a part of a unit, the bomb is simply left where it was. In order to pick it back up, a model must be in base to base contact with the bomb at the end of it's movement phase (or at the end of a Run! movement).

If a model with the Bomb starts it's movement phase on (within 3" of) the enemy's Control Room and the point is considered uncontested, the bomb is immediately set off. Place a Large Blast Template centered on the Control Room. Any units (friend or foe!) with a model under the blast take that many S5 AP- hits with no cover allowed.

Please note if the bomb is dropped, place a 25mm base to represent the bomb. Also, a player may never move another teams Bomb in the event it is dropped.

The Price of Failure: If at any time your Control Room is destroyed, units arriving from reserve must re-roll successful rolls to arrive.

The game uses standard mission length, and allows any and all standard rules to be used (i.e. Deepstrike, Outflant, Scout, etc.)

I hope you guys enjoy! Till next time



  1. Does killing the opponents command center only cause reserves to have an issue or does it count as an objective point. If it doesn't count as an objective it doesn't really make any sense for the player to defend it if they are not running reserves.

  2. Oops sorry, forgot to mention that bit.

    At the end of the game, if you have destroyed your opponent's base, you count as having 2 points. This means that if the enemy only contests or holds your point (and haven't blown it up), and you have blown their base up, you win as you would hold 2 points to their 0/1 respectively. The point is to blow up the base of your enemy :D