Friday, April 22, 2011

Thunderfire Finalization, Ho!

by Ishamael

Salvete everybody, Ishamael here to show how my Thunderfire experiments have gone. While initially it was nice to have the Master of the Forge and the Scouts to hide him in, some recent point changes have unlocked what I find to be a stronger overall take on the Space Marine codex. Thus:

Librarian- Gate, Null Zone, Storm Bolter (LOL) 103
4x10 Tactical Marines- meltagun, combi-melta, missile launcher, Rhino, 2 HKM 920
3x Riflemen Dreadnoughts 375
1x2 Land Speeders- typhoon missile launcher, heavy bolter 180
2x Land Speeders- multi-melta, heavy flamer 120
3x Thunderfire Cannons- 300

This is 1998. Dropping the Scouts, Master of the Forge, and two Hunter Killer missiles has allowed me to toss in a unit consisting of two Landspeeder Typhoons. So, instead of the minimal damage output from these units, I have gained two long range models that have two missiles a piece for every turn that they live. For 180 points, they add a goodly amount of both anti-tank, as well as anti-infantry. While I lose a fast multi-melta, I still retain my four double meltagun units to advance in the Rhinos to pick up the slack in the melta-department.

Concerning the deployment of my troop choices, combat squad and mount up as usual, with this difference. The two Rhinos without hunter-killers cover the ones with the missiles. Turn one, the front Rhinos advance and pop smoke, probably 8 inches, then the hk Rhinos roll up right behind them to advance 6 to fire their missiles. The Librarian rolls with one of the hunter killer squads. This lets him use Null Zone to full effect, and he may teleport a squad away should the occasion require it. Something funny I noticed is that the Speeders can give the Dreadnoughts cover, but it doesn't work the other way around. Sad face. :< Albeit, 10 missiles turn one, then 8 after, does not seem bad. The missile launcher half will deploy in cover with the Thunderfire cannons, which will make them hard to dislodge.

Currently, I do not have the dimensions of the Thunderfire cannon, so it will be a while before I get the chance to figure out how I might manufacture a cover save for the unit. The issue lies in the unit consisting of one infantry model, and one AV10 vehicle. Hits are randomized against the unit, so it will be best for me to learn how I might make sure that both models have cover saves. A single glance or pen against the Cannon destroys it. Hopefully placing Marines from the missile combat squad will suffice. Maybe I will get lucky and the Thunderfires will be low on the target priority list. ;)

So, as far as efficiency goes with what I desire to use in this list, I think I have actually gone down deep enough to find as good a list as possible for my purposes.

Any thoughts on how I may get some more efficiency here? I should probably put a melta bomb on a sergeant than the Storm Bolter, but it's hilarious to me at this point.

The Bearded Alchemist,


  1. So, maybe I lied. Take off the Hunter Killer missiles and put melta bombs on the Tactical Sergeants. Takes it to 1995. No real point to the storm bolter, and it would take away an attack from my Librarian.

  2. Hey there, a buddy of mine just won a GT with a triple thunderfire list. Your list seems to operate on similer principles, although I am not sure if you can deliver melta as well to crack transports. But 40 marines is hard to argue with...

    Anyway, here is the link:

  3. Been discussing this list further with some folks, and actually found something I had not considered before:

    Librarian- Gate, Null Zone- 100
    4x10 Tactical Marines- meltagun, combi-melta, missile launcher- 740
    4x Razorbacks- 160
    3x Riflemen- 375
    1x2 Typhoon Speeders- 180
    2x Land Speeders- HF/MM 120
    3x Thunderfire Cannons 300

    So, I toss around the points I had on meltabombs, and net 12 more twin-linked heavy bolter shots.

    Not too shabby. Heretic brought this one to my attention. <3

  4. I've been telling you to use razorbacks since we first looked at this lis with all the dakka preds. Admittedly I prefer any weapon besides the heavy bolter but it's your list... Nevertheless, if you intend to combat squad, razors facilitate that wonderfully. And in KP games, you get to use them to screen your tactical squads from assaults.

  5. Indeed, I went back and found that conversation. Funny that I actually decided to play Marines now. With 20 points to mess with, just about the only thing that really showed itself to be worthwhile was upgrading the Rhinos to Razorbacks.