Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Razorback

Last night I got my first game in with that new 1750 list I posted a while back, and I have some reflections to write on, primarily concerning my use of the 4 Razorbacks in my army.

First, my deployment with them was simply OK. I did the regular trick of doing a "T" formation with a front and back Razorback, while giving the front one enough room to rotate, move 12 inches forward, rotate, and pop smoke again. My problem came about because of how I positioned my two T's on the field. They were too close, and I improperly put all four Razorbacks between terrain pieces. To compound my issues, I placed a missile-toting combat squad to the right of my Razorback.

I was going first, got seized, and proved that I didn't take seriously enough how my own deployment could screw me over in case I did get seized on. So, I need to get back into the groove of thinking turns ahead, and planning for when I do get seized.

Second, I was too tempted the first two turns to fire those twin-linked heavy bolters, even when I have consciously told myself several times that they will still generally function as Rhinos until about turns 3-4, the possibly back to Rhino mode for 5 on. Even though the game was annihilation, and my opponent was coming towards me, I should have spread out more.

So, Razorbacks become late-game units that do well against targets of opportunity, mainly when transports are getting popped, and the guys that spill out are in range and line of sight.

I wish we would have gotten a picture of it, but the Eldar I was playing against, commanded by our own Heretic, did a good job of blocking my mobility, while swinging around a Seer Council on Jetbikes behind a piece of line of sight blocking terrain to later jump into my parking lot. Only some sick luck on my part caused him to roll box cars on his morale test, then he used embolden, only to roll box cars again, and they fell back, which basically turned the game to my favor. Subsequent turns had me destroying the rest of those annoying transports, and some dumb luck on rapid-firing boltguns killed the Seer Council down to the Farseer.

At that point our time limit ran out, but it's more because of that double morale test fail that I came out on top during the later turns.

Final Notes:

Twin-linked autocannon-wielding Dreadnoughts are amazing as a support fire unit.
Always Deepstrike your Landspeeders.
Give as much space for moving those damn Razorbacks as possible.
Predators should always go in the corners.
Librarians are awesome.

Hopefully I can get another game in before the event on Saturday.

Combat Tactics! Run away! Ishamael

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