Thursday, September 15, 2011

Guest Articles

Hello everyone.

I have recently been talking with a few of our fellow gamers out there and the thought occurred to me that we at Rites of Battle would like to extend our horizons a bit. We can only write so much about so many things, and given our time constraints sometimes... we hate to leave our page un-updated for the lengths of time it often goes.

So I would like to extend an invitation to our readers out there to get involved. We would love to see your thoughts on future articles, but also... if you would like to write an article up and send it our way, we'd love to credit you and put it up on RoB.

just send your articles, any pictures you would like with it, and the author name you would like with it to and we'll put it up on the site.

Hope to get some good articles from you soon.


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