Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Closer Look: Part II

This article is actual brought to you in part by the Bloomington Tournament circuit. It is a stipulation of close combat which allows the targeting of multiple units.

The majority of units in the game have multiple models and so attacking multiple targets isn't unlikely, especially if they are attacking a target which contains an independent character. However it works both ways.

According to the rules, any unit that is in base to base contact with multiple enemy units may choose to separate its attacks between them.

This translates into allowing an Independent Character in base to base with multiple units to attack both. For example, and IC in base with another IC as well as an enemy unit can make attacks against both in the same round of combat. This could prove useful in some scenarios where the strength of the weapon could cause instant death on the enemy IC while allowing for maximum damage against the unit the enemy IC is with.

I have always equated the idea that since a single model unit could not charge multiple units, it couldn't separate their attacks. I learned this the hard way in the tournament this past weekend (which was quite enjoyable). Be sure to watch out for these interesting moments in your future games.



  1. It was great to play against you Loki. I look forward to a rematch sometime.


    Great looking army as well!

  2. Now we just need to get a game in with you and Ishmael, then you'll have played the lot of us.

  3. Was Ishmael the other guy at the bloomington tourney?

  4. No, that was a friend of ours. He follows RoB under Corvus Sanguine.

    Ishmael is pretty much your standard fantasy dwarf, complete with beard and axe.

  5. Can someone direct me to the proper page number for this. I do consider myself to be a rules buff, but I can not find this is my book at all. To the best of my knowledge you can not split attacks from a single model. IE have you assault marine attack the IC and the squad in the same combat. This would also go for IC's as well. I need a page number for clarification. This I find to be inaccurate.

  6. I have read over the rules for assault, and nowhere does it say that I model may split it's attacks if basing two different units. Seeing as there is no basis for this in the BRB, or the FAQ, I'm going to have to say that this is not a legit way for the game to play or be played. Sorry, but this is false.

  7. On page 41 of the little rulebook (sorry no BRB page as our is currently MIA).

    Under Attacking, bullet point two.

    "Models that were engaged with more than one enemy unit at the beginning of the combat (before any model attacked) may split their attacks freely between those units. Declare how they are splitting their attacks immediately before rolling to hit."

    It specifically says "Models" and thus a single model unit (like and I.C. or M.C.) may split their attacks so long as they were based by two or more units at the beginning of combat.

  8. I remove my previous complaint. It is also page 41 in the BRB. Thank you for the information. I appreciate the knowledge!

  9. No worries. I was just as surprised as you to find this one out, but now we know. yay!