Saturday, December 17, 2011

Monitoring the Percentages

"Zeus has been around since the earliest days of the Gaming Grid.  By Necessity, he has to monitor all the percentages.  All the angles..." ~ Castor
 After some time spent rounding up rumors about the upcoming Black Templar re-release supposedly scheduled to drop sometime around March of 2012, I have stumbled upon some interesting rumors regarding some changes 40k will experience in 6th edition.  I myself am looking forward to each, as they both stand to gain from updates.  However one thing stuck out to me when I read through some of the 6th ed. rumors floating around.
Originally Posted by shaso_iceborn the new edition everything is based on percentages not force organization, Just a bone I am throwing based on what my source says.

Originally Posted by epicusmaximus
Can confirm the percentage thing

 Now I personally really enjoy this particular change for a couple of reasons.  First and foremost, it's a tested system that works.  Warhammer Fantasy uses this particular system, and though I don't play fantasy myself, the people I have spoken to who do really like this feature.  I recently had a conversation with some of the folks from Heresy Online and we agreed this idea of using percentages to balance the army builds is a great thing for the game as a whole.

The theory is that the troop section will make up the bulk of the units taken to the field.  I love this, as it is what the game should represent.  The basic troop choices should and have made up the meat and taters of a fighting force throughout history, and so a system that facilitates this will be a refreshing change of pace.

Another aspect of this I am for is the new challenges it will bring to one of the most important phases of the game... the list construction phase.  While in my line of work in the TCOM field, I generally am not a fan of the pre-production phase, as it makes for a lot of organization work that I do not particularly enjoy.  However, in 40k... it's one of my favorite parts.  This upcoming hurdle could bring some new life to the game before models even hit the table.

I do recognize that though I am a fan of this new rumored change, I know not everyone might enjoy it.  Some lists that utilize very little from there troops in favor of other units will most likely be unusable if these changes come true.  But to a point I personally can't wait to see less power-game lists ruling the environment in favor of the good old average grunt unit lists.

So what do we think about this development.  Of course this is all rumor milling at the moment, but seeing how G.W.'s other popular game of Warhammer Fantasy uses this system already, I don't think it's unreasonable to believe this could be a pretty solid rumor.  What are your thoughts on this new change, and what it could mean for the future of 40k?



  1. If this change goes into effect, then I am seriously going to evaluate wether or not I'll continue to play. It is easy for you to sit there and say that the new system is amazing, because all your stuff comes out of the troops slot. But for my dex, while my troops are good, My elites make or break it. And if I'm losing a whole archetype, then GW better update my codex, and let me run 20 Grey Hunter Squads...because otherwise they will be crap.

  2. I doubt that the use of % would complexity irradiate the use of your elites. But I get the frustration at it.

  3. I agree it will change a lot of things (like almost every rulebook before it) Some common codex's that tend to spam min/maxed units will probably feel the hurt but ultimately will end up adapting. I honestly don't believe any codex will be made useless because of this change.

  4. Nightstalker, read the rules for Fantasy. Hope you didn't like having the option to move FOC. Those Tervigons that you run. HQ's. So much for a Hive Tyrant.

    The problem that I have with the whole of this is that I play Space Wolves. The army list I'm working towards is Logan Wing. Now the army that I am working towards is dead once 6th comes out if this percent rumor is true. It will work like Fantasy, and you can't jump FO slots. So My wolf guard squads at 300 points...I'm running one. Well there went Logan Wing. Oh I'll just run 4 Thunderwolf Lords...oh wait...those are like 245 a piece...well I'll just Run get the picture yet? It Nerfs to many codices with the switch to Percents like in Fantasy. So if they switch to it, I might just have to go find a different game to occupy my time until 7th ed, when I get a codex that makes my wolfguard 5 points each, so I can actually play the army that I want to play.

  5. I would expect that the rules would not be exactly the same as they are in fantasy considering that a lot of the codex's that have 6th edition in mind allow for FOC movement. And again being upset because the army that you want to play may not be viable after a rulebook change kinda falls upon deaf ears because that happens to just about everyone.