Monday, January 30, 2012

The Book Whispers


Though it's probably already made it's way into your inbox, but there's a new photo that's been going around the interwebs.   & Here it is. 

While I haven't been down to the Keep to verify this yet, this is supposed to be a photo of the spines of the first two 2012 issues of White Dwarf lined up together.  It could be nothing, but then what fun is rumor mongering without some conjecture and just making things up?  The going rumor is that this shroud of a photo is showing a marine in green armor with a tan robe.  Hmm...  I wonder what that could mean?  Perhaps we could be seeing the first (legion) being the last (codex of fifth edition).  It adds a bit of fun to my life, as I'd love to see more Dark Angels fluff being added.  I hope this just stirs the pot of rumors up more and when we do get an announcement, that no one will believe it.  Have fun speculating!  Till next time.


  1. It fits with rumors of wanting to make Chaos the BBEG of 6th. That said, I don't think it's on the 2012 lineup as BoK and BoLS have reported, forbidding a release coinciding with the 6th Ed. BRB. I don't want to see BT and Tau left out in the cold or relegated to pdf codices because the real ones got put off.

  2. It could be a a compilation pic. Like more than just Dark Angels, it just happens to be them on the far left of the pic. Maybe a deathwatch picture or something of that sort?

    1. GKs and Valeria indicitave of a Deathwatch codex in the works?