Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Battle Report VIII

Points: 800
Mission: Implacable Advance (Battle Missions)
Set Up: Mission Specific (Battle Missions)

The war for Bakka rages ever on.  With full on assaults made by both the Tau and Necron forces, the defenses of the planet's orbit were no match for the onslaught.  The weakest point of the planetary defenses lay on the northern fringes of the planet.  This is where the Necrons first stuck.  With the unusually fast penetration of the planet's atmosphere, the Krieg 33rd was unprepared for the assault.

Now the Necrons make their move southward.  Also managing to slip onto the planet was one of O'Shova's more capable commanders.  Utilizing advanced stealth technologies, the Tau make a swift ambush on the Implacable Advance of the Necron host.

What will become of the battle, and what does it spell for the fate of the Bakkan Campaign?  Only time will tell.


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