Monday, March 19, 2012

Fully Loaded Weekend!

Hope everyone had a safe and sufficiently hazed St. Patrick's Day.  This past Saturday was not only a day of drinking for many of the gamers around here, but also a day of miniature war!

I know Bloomington held a tournament in their neck of the woods, and our FLGS held a Doubles Tournament as well.

I would love to hear from anyone who had a chance to participate in some 40k shenanigans this weekend, from hilarious moments in your games, to strategies you think might work.  Just thought it'd be fun to hear from the readers out there.

So what happened in your game(s)?


  1. Oh pick me pick me!

    I got to shoot at the same freaking little puke of a fire warrior with missiles for like 4 turns (as turn one I took out well over 90% of the squad with frags) and it just wouldn't die. I would hit, wound, and he would throw a rock in the air...dead rock. Lather, Rinse, Repeat. Finally took him down though, and it was one heck of a fight.

    Got the chance to play against Fate Crusher as well, and honestly, not really that scary to me. I did see why they are scary when Fateweaver is allowed to survive past turn two, but past that, it was a power weapon squad. I was more worried about trying to keep my objective from scouts than anything else. It was killing me. Good games, and some good people.

    Wait this was were there for my games! Crud. :P

  2. Well, I can sympathize with you about the fatecrusher, except I didn't get a chance to shoot them before they got the charge off. I couldn't roll well all day. After that I just got on Rionnnay's back and poked him with a stick as he proceeded to table two games by himself basically.