Saturday, June 30, 2012

Making Off Like A Bandit

by Ishamael

Y'know, it feels awkward as hell sitting with my two co-authors, and I have made off like a bandit with my Deathwing.  Comparatively, Templars seem to be getting the xenos treatment as far as marine armies are considered with their strongest Oath, Accept That Challenge, changing from Preferred Enemy Everyone to the Rage USR.  Admittedly, it isn't bad, assuming one can get the charge, but with as strong as Jump Infantry and Bikes are, it seems that one's desire to play them would become less due to so many new special rules, primarily Hammer of Wrath.  Furthermore, many armies suddenly have access to similar versions of powers of the Eldar variety, specifically in the Divination tree, in which your fallback power is a better version of Guide.  Tau got a bit of a shaft as well, losing their extra weapon threat due to Target Locking Broadsides, or anything, but along with this, Acute Senses got stupid, and they still have to pay for Blacksun Filters in order to circumvent Night Fighting.

Infantry covers saves overall got worse.  Are you marines?  No?  Fuck you.

Everyone gets to bring psykers, everyone gets a save against that.  Space Wolves retain their psychic stop range.  Are you marines with psychic hoods?  No?  Fuck you.

Anyway, making off like a bandit.

Power weapons, that armor save-negating evil, is only AP3, which extends my 2+ save very far when it comes to close combat, which is why 3++ was so awesome last edition.  FURTHERMORE, Fearless became awesome again, with no Stupidity Wounds rule for being a badass.

Finally, unlike....well....I just looked at every FAQ at the same time, and apparently Divination, my favorite tree so far, is more like the whore of the edition.  I was going to say that I'm a special flower for getting Divination because not many armies get it, but F that.  Guess I'll just be happy coming up with uses for Dark Angels Librarian, that thing which I never used before.

So, Eldar powers are being given to everyone for no cost, just a roll, and Templar have an identity that might get saved depending on some upcoming rules.

Post Script: Magical forests?  Really?  It's like sticking my dick in the Everfree forest.

Post Post Script:  Where's my ATSKNF for Deathwing?  First Company Terminators can be terrified by some pansy psychic power?  Really?  AHHHHH, we're not mehreenz anymore!

So yeah, some things to be thought about.

Alea iacta est,



  1. Deathwing are Fearless, thus automatically passing all Pinning, Fear, and Regroup tests and Morale checks (p. 35); ATSKNF just make you automatically pass tests to Regroup (p.32) alets you move and shoot after regrouping... Not seeing how Fearless is anyworse, since you'll almost never break to begin with.

    Go Deathwing.

  2. I was referring to that "Terrifying" psychic power available through one of the disciplines. Models affected by it lose fearless, yet ATSKNF still applies, because marines are that cool.

    :p Basically, I just need to man up and care less for an outer instance of my rule not applying.