Sunday, June 24, 2012

Wow, I'm shocked

Well, thanks to my good buddy Ryan and his friends over at TG I have this piece of garbage.  It may be a very well made fake or it could be genuine.  If it is genuine, I will be able to mix and match any non-tyranid model I want with my Tau.  Yes, indeed for some reason I can bring something from any book, but nids and my Tau will generally be okay with it.  Apparently my Tau, who are historical enemies of the Orks are more likely to ally with them than sisters of battle.  The sisters (formerly Witch Hunters) are now as likely to ally with the non-psychic alien Tau and the entirely psychic Eldar.  There will be some very odd armies coming in about a week.



  1. It came from a Warhammer World event:

    Doesn't necessarily mean that the information is wrong though, we shall see. Especially since is seems to match up with the information on this page:

  2. This chart makes my eyes hurt. It seems to imply that the Imperial Guard, which I have always thought of as a fairly intolerant organization, gets along fairly well with everyone except Dark Eldar and Necron.

    It also confirms my opinion that Chaos Daemons are way more friendly than Tyranids (!?).

  3. Thank you Timothy, and I am very glad to see new people coming to our site. It may very well be wrong, but it does match up with the allied product page that someone found on GW's site.

    Fett, you've got some really friendly armies, but I run Tau and I'm everybody's friend.

  4. No problem, I actually was inspired to do blog post with a side-by-side comparison and built a spreadsheet using the information from the GW link that matched the disallowed allies of the chart you posted perfectly... Needless to say, I'm a bit concerned that this is in fact how the allies will work out.

    The next question becomes: "What happens in regards to each level of trust?"

    Also, for good measure, a link to the blog post containing the previously mentioned charts:

  5. Black Templars have an unholy alliance with the Sisters of Battle? That is complete bunk.

  6. Hey Laeroth... it's probably because there wouldn't be enough black power armor for everyone if they let us and the sisters ally XD

    @Counterfett, I think the IG's loyalties with other armies is to represent the less than loyal IG. Imperial Guardsmen can have frail minds, which are easily filled with lies of the alien, the mutant, and/or the heretic.