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September 15th Tourney Report

I know this report is a few weeks late, especially considering that our friends over at TheBack40k have already gotten their report up, but better late than never! I will also apologize for lack of interesting pictures. That aside, let the battle (reports) begin!

The tourney was 1850 points and my list was as follows:


160 - Destroyer Lord w/ sempiternal weave, warscythe & mindshackle scarabs

160 - Overlord w/ warscythe, mindshackle scarabs & phase shifter
80 - Catacomb Command Barge

150 - Court of the Overlord - 2x Lord w/ Res orb & warscythe
130 - 10x Warriors
115 - Ghost Ark

130 - 10x Warriors
115 - Ghost Ark

170 - 10x Immortals w/ gauss blasters
100 - Night Scythe

170 - 10x Immortals w/ gauss blasters
100 - Night Scythe

Fast Attack
270 - 6x Wraiths w/ Whip Coils

I went with this because its got a little bit of everything to like about the Necrons in 6th edition. For those of you keeping up with my Tomb World Awakens series, you'll see a lot of my philosophy for the codex and for the edition displayed in this list. It seeks to capitalize on my durability and force the foe into unfavorable skirmish match ups. Due to invasion beams, my immortals can be deployed into my opponent's lines very quickly to hammer a flank, and the ghost arks bring some respectable firepower of their own as they paddle my warriors around the table. They've got a lot of durability against anything short of a lascannon or lance and the ability to turbo boost my way to a 4+ when I'm not in range is huge. The barge is there for some immediate pressure on a small footprint and to force my foe's anti-tank weaponry to choose between blasting my wraiths, or dropping the barge. Furthermore, he unlocks the lords for my immotrals, giving them some nice warding against assault by offering a warscythe and some mindshackle scarabs, and bolstering their already solid durability with a res orb. Four scoring choices with solid mobility, tenacity, the firepower to remove man and machine alike. Add a dash of immediate threat in the form of the barge and the wraiths to let my troops hit their optimal range relatively unharmed, and this is a good take all comers list. Or was it? Time to find out!

First round saw me facing off against the T'au. The table we were on was snowy and dotted with some minor scraps of ruins. I thought this was a fair trade, cover may have been a bit sparse, but what was there was a 4+, rather than some of the other tables which had a little more terrain, but it was a woodsy 5+, or primarily area terrain, offering little to shield vehicles from enemy fire. Not that my fishy foe needed any dimensionality. Thanks to the newest round of FAQs, if he moved his vehicles, they got a 3+ jink save (2+ on the turbo boost). Unfortunately, this could not save him from drowning under my torrent of Gauss fire, his dice elected to pass only one or two jink saves all game.

The mission was purge the xeno (annihilation) on dawn of war (pitched battle). I got first turn and my warlord was scoring (woo) and his warlord got something similarly useless (woo). During my first turn, I moved up and turbo boosted to bring my forces to bear, hoping that my durability would have it out against his three hammerhead. Luckily enough, it did. Between my turbo-boosted jink saves and his unfortunately low dice, my army survived the first round of his shooting, suffering the death of only a wraith or two. My turn two saw one of my scythes zipping onto the board and depositing its lethal cargo onto my left flank, where it hoped to join my barge and one ark in dealing with the bulk of his firepower, namely his suits and hammerheads. The wraiths and destroyer lord advanced against his suits and some fire warriors in the midfield, and another barge advanced around the right flank, looking to earn me a linebreaker whilst avoiding    his reserves and outflanking kroot. His turn two, his piranha squadron came on and the cleverly designed flying bombs planted themselves right in my path. Ultimately, his first two turns largely set the tone for his game and the closest set of rolls he and I traded were over Slay the Warlord. My Destroyer lord lived, his suit commander did not.

In the end, we both scored line breaker, I scored first blood and slay, and ended the game my 10 KPs to his 2 (my overlord and barge).

This is kind of how I felt my army was looking at me after round 2.
Second round was a quick game for me. The table was sparse of much LoS blocking terrain, we deployed short edges, and played big guns never tire. Courtesy of Eldrad's divination and some hot dice, my army was tabled no later than turn 3. Initially his array of venoms and assorted poisoned weapons were of little concern to me, given my AV 13 presence. But the conjunction of an Aegis line and night fighting made it difficult for my warriors to adequately return fire (those who still stood anyway).

Round three was the scouring against a renegade guard player. We deployed along the funky corners setup. His army brought a little of this and a little of that. A healthy mix on the whole, but he had spent more than a few precious points on quite a few chimeras (I think it was about 5 or so). There were some vets, a platoon, and some angry angry ogryns, backed up by some Leeman Russes and a Colossus. Unfortunately, my opponent got stuck on deployment and bad matchup. His list didn't have too much to cope with the overall durability of my army (lots of plasma, little melta), a need to operate at my optimum range, and the fact that his deployment zone ended up with the "1" in his base where the "4" was in mine. My warlord also rolled outflank for him and his wraiths, a deadly mix given that the current match had made my deathstar scoring. The "2"s were at about the midpoint of each short edge and the "3"s were in the large chunk of ruins which occupied midfield. I ended up seizing the initiative on him and quickly began mounting my offensive. My barge made a turbo-boosted B-line behind some ruins to juke LoS and gain a 4+ jink save, allowing it to begin wreaking havoc on his russ and ogryns across turns 2 and 3. One ark stayed home to secure the 4 and nearby 2, while the other squad moved with the barge to hold the two 3s in midfield. The immortals waited on their scythes, anticipating where they would need to arrive for strategic fire support for the outflanking wraiths. In all, time was called as I was mopping up the last of his heretical forces and securing the board, claiming all three victory points once more.

At the end of the day, I walked away with third, my only loss to the DE player who beat me second round (and subsequently took 2nd). Good games and great players. Always a pleasure.

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