Thursday, March 21, 2013


Greetings Gentlereaders,

I apologize for our lack of articles this week.  The fortress monastery has been buzzing with the flood of Tau information over the last week and I especially have been devouring them.  We've put another episode of our podcast in the can and we ave been busy with homework and other responsibilities.

I've been getting some paint on my seer council and hammering out the color schemes for the eldar army.  Until now, I'd been working on the mechanized infantry that composed most of the army from 5th, which came with its own scheme by aspect.  I've put up questions on Da Wartrukk and got some help finding what colors work with my main craftworld color and will be trying to get more work done on the council this week.

Corvus will be publishing his next entry in Tomb World this week and I think you'll like it.    I'll be ending Coming Back from the Brink as the codex it covers will soon be updated.  I will be writing about the new codex and if you would like I'll go into the same level of detail as I did with the old one. We'll all try to get more content up, though our last semester in the fortress monastery is winding down and we'll all be going on our separate crusades soon.


  1. No offence to Faeit212, and the like, but I look forward to some thought through commentary, from you guyes, on the new Tau stuff when it hits!!

    Im thinking about writing a battle iterator in Matlab... to look at group based 40k statistics... or not...

    1. I'll be glad to write it. I need to learn the new book when it drops and writing helps me with that. I wish I could help with that iterator, but I have no idea what you mean.

    2. Some sort of program that can search the possible evolutions of a game... or game turn. The purpose would be to find a correlation between army setup/tactics and the level of success against any specified enemy. Much like the more focused reports that you have posted here...

      The number of degrees of freedom is probably infinite so it would have to be a coarse approximation, but still interesting to see if there are any particular combinations of troops/equipment that generate spikes in the success rate?

      just rambling...