Monday, September 16, 2013

A Revitalized Look and Feel

Hey everyone.

You have probably noticed the website has been changing bit by bit over the last few weeks and months.  Unfortunately this lowly grot can only work in his free time, and so it has been an off and on process.  But the updates have been a long time coming, and we on staff hope you enjoy the newest additions to the site.  Our newest changes include adding an actual background, the Disqus comment features, tweaking the layout of the home page, and adding a Gallery Page.

There are still a few more pieces left to do before we are finished with what we hope will be the permanent look and feel.  These include getting some ad space on the site, as well as a brand new logo and banner art for the page.  I'm excited to see these when they're finished up and added.  As always, we hope this keeps your time spent on the site as smooth and immersive as possible.


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