Thursday, September 18, 2014

Catching Up, and Making Progress

Hey there everyone, Godfrey here with something of a personal update for you guys.  Most of the articles I write are written with the express idea of discussing something about this or that, but I thought I'd take some time to gather my progress on the many fronts I've been facing in the Grim Darkness of my Hobby time, and form them into words.  It helps me as a writer and a hobbyist to catalog my achievements and to work out meaningful steps towards future goals, and hopeful provides you guys with something to occupy your time with.  So why the picture of Liam Neeson to start off with an article like that?  Well apart from being one of my favorite actors, this picture depicts the namesake of my screen name.  It's from the film Kingdom of Heaven, and if you haven't seen it check it out.  There are numerous little nuances and elements about the character which really hit home for me, so I strive to be more like him in my everyday games... even if the Ork player in me is a bit over-zealous to speak broken English and yell a lot.  But on with the show.  Let's see what's been going on, and where it will take me.

My Imperial Knights
Ok, of you out there who own one of these beautiful models, and for the fewer still of you who have actually painted them... you'll understand what I mean when I say how proud of my self I am for completing not one... but three of these towering monster models.  There are still a few tweaks and touch ups that I intend to apply in the coming weeks, but getting them all completely painted, based, and pretty much done is something I was driven to do for a few reasons.  Primarily because I want to have all of the models I own completely painted.  With these done, the next item on my hobby list is up to bat, but I can't move onto it without also throwing out the other big reason I was dead set on finishing my silly Imperial Knnnnn-igits!

The Indy Open
Yes, I actually... finally... made it to one of these events.  While I am not an astute high-tier player by any means anymore, It was definitely an experience to show up to one of these events.  A huge shout out to Aaron and Justin for hosting the event.  While I know some of the rules were basically plug and play from NOVA, it was still and incredible event, and were I into that style of play... I'd most assuredly return.  The Scenarios were fairly balanced (a few tweaks I'd suggest, but nothing huge), an the people were amazingly friendly.  The lists were the horendus stuff of .... knightmares for me.  I wanted to throw out a sort of counter-meta list to deal with the huge surplus of glance-out lists I usually play.  So I brought Knights primary (not the formation... just the usual knights), with some Templar buddies bringing a Land Raider and a Storm Raven.  The idea was uber Elite, low model count, with all heavy Mech units.

I ended up going 2 and 2, with my first list really opening my eyes to how much I still really... really hate the Necron codex.  Except instead of the Mind Shackle Scarabs getting to me.... it's now Mind Shackle Scarabs on the unbelievably unbalanced Catacomb Command Barge.  That thing is like the bane of positive play experiences, and really solidifies why I dislike the mechanics for Chariots in 40k.  But even so, the day was a solid, and fun day for me.

I would be incredibly remiss if I didn't have Johnny McGinnis to thank for that.  The day would have been an ok day, but doing shots and laughing my ass off with my favorite Stay-fluff Ork-mellow man was awesome!  Cheers to you, my like-minded fun seeker!

Archlight Studios
So for those of you who don't know, this is my painting studio, and good god is my schedule packed.  With my personal project of finishing my Knights in time for the Indy Open behind me, I'm pulling back into painting mode and getting some of these projects off my plate.  First up is Havok's kakophoni models.  These are so damned pretty, and I wish they were mind, but I will be happy to have them finished and back to their owner.  It'll give me some really solid infantry work under my belt before I move into my biggest commission in quite some time.

I have an actual, genuine Thunderhawk... and Chaos Reaver Titan to not only build, but paint as well.  While I wish there was actual money involved with this ordeal, I really can't complain too much.  I got a huge army of Orks out of this deal, and The sooner I lovingly paint these two models... I get to start getting to those Orks.  As per usual... I have a thing for painting my armies to a certain standard... and having them fully painted.  I am excited to be one of those players who actually comes to the table with a fully painted Ork army.  There are few things I have ever wanted more as a 40k player and hobbyist.  And soon (relative term) I shall achieve that goal.

Introducing a Friend to Painting
A friend of mine, and all of us here at Rites, is trying her hand at miniatures painting.  She is an incredibly gifted artist, and having seen her first pass with the Reaper Bones line, and some pretty unfriendly paints... the quality of her work is pretty... no... you guys know me, so I won't sugar coat this.  They're fucking amazing for a first time painter.  Her attention to detail, textures, and even incorporating the first hints of OSL into her models really shows how much she pulls from her other artistic pools.  She and I have talked about getting some hobby time in together, and I hope I can pass along some tips and techniques to get her on the right path to miniature hobbying.  I really am looking forward to seeing some of her techniques and maybe even merging some of her style into my own for some projects down the road.  I have always been inspired by her work, and I hope that this first round of minis is but the shadow of the mountain she will own one day.

Something Old Is New Again for Rites of Battle
So there are a few elements to Rites which have been absent for far, far too long.  It is my ambition and goal to remedy this.  First and foremost it has been quite some time since our last video Battle Report.  Much of this stemmed for the fact that i was without a job, and a camera to record them, and with it sort of being my baby, its just been neglected and swooped away by social services (which I just realized... that in fact the Commissariat is like Social Services in the Grim Dark... funny huh).  Well with my job, I have cameras, editing software... and some fancy new toys to really give these a little extra polish than our previous reports.  So I'll be looking to get something off the ground in that field soon.

Next up is the goal of getting our podcasts transitioned over to actual podcasting.  It's been a fan request for some time now, and I'm looking into it dearest and sweetest of readers.  Fear not, for soon we shall join the infernal ranks of the Apple.  But not only that, I'm also looking to expand our content coverage for those.  Not only has it been a while since out last 40k cast, but so much has started unfolding for us at Rites... that it may be time to branch out.  Yup new topics coming at your ears soon folks!  From 40k Philosophy, to Wild West Exodus, to getting some guest vocalists...


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