Thursday, September 3, 2015

Battle Report XI

Welcome to another Battle Report!  This time it's a wild and crazy 3,000 point per player battle where Orks but heads against the forces of Chaos.  For starters, we got to play on the amazing Istvaan table, which was designed for a massive battle at it's core.  Even though our armies pale in comparison to the scale (and beauty) of those it was intended for, it was a fast paced game.

I brought my Orks to bear against another local from my FLGS, and while it was a harsh match, he was a most enjoyable foe all the way to the bitter..... bitter end.  So sit back and enjoy the carnage!  I didn't have a copy of his list to put here, but I can give you the jist of both forces:


Godfrey - Orks

Warboss Leonorkus (Gazghul) (Warlord)
Grimjaw Deffgrog (Big Mek with KFF)
Warboss Brogg (Snakebite Warboss)

A mess of sup'd up Nobz
Burna Boyz!
The Flashiest of Gitz in a Trukk

3 Squads of 20(ish) Boyz!


Lootas in a Trukk

Grimjaw's Battle Choppaz (Blitz Brigade)

And Snikrot... because he's sneaky

Bobbie - Chaos Space Marines with Spoopy Deamon Allies

Ahriman (Warlord)
2 Plauge Marine Squads
Thousand Sons Squad
3 Chaos Rapier Conversion Beamers
A Rhino for something (was empty)

The Dreaded Hell Turkey!

3 Havok Teams
Sup'd up Predator Annihilator
Chaos Land Raider

A Herald of Tzzench
Flamers of Tzzench

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