Monday, February 15, 2010

To Defender's React or to Sweeping Advance?

Hey guys, Loki here with a discussion of army feels. I was looking back on some comments made, and one that stood out to me was one basically saying a player should have more offense to make their opponent react more. But one has to step back and look at the finer details of this. Every army has a way to play defensive, and offensive... yes even the Necrons can move their easily painted selves across the field in a relatively fast manner if they use the Monolith Drop in tactic.

Looking at it tactically, there are a few ways I play that make my opponents think a little before playing. I have generally stuck with a balance of offense and defense simultaneously as I play a balance Marine list and I feel that works for them. But there are more ways to play than just going to your opponent. Many Tau and IG players could attest to this. Again, not saying that they couldn't; however they, as an army, are geared for long range fire. But is this a bad thing?

Lets consider someone is playing a horde list, like the new Tyranids against the Imperial Guard. The guard player is playing a tactic that I call "Responsive Defense." This means they shoot and shoot until the enemy is at their doorstep, then take measure to close them in or seclude a portion of the nids. This is simple in all it requires is one or two transports and the ability to know when leaving instead of shooting is the best idea, while giving your opponent a unit to eat that you don't care much about (an infantry unit is great for this).

Now for a less obvious example, a Marine list (even static based) will want to move forward or into cover when looking at a lot of artillery. This in it self may help the defender as it may make the offensive player alter his/her regular more comfortable style of play.

The point is, a defensive player can still be just as effective as Offensive. Remember to use the "home field advantage" Look to your own terrain, check for what could possibly be fire lanes, ambush locations, and over all good places to hammer the enemy as they come to you. I think hammering a huge chunk of the opposition before they hit the lines is a good way to make them react when all you do is sit on your edge of the board.

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