Friday, February 26, 2010

Creepy Codexes

Codex Creep... Does it exist and does it really affect the game? My answer to both is yes and yes... however that second yes is not really a bad thing. Now as an avid 40k player, I wish GW would just renew all of the codex's and then we could have complete equality. But as we all know that day will be a cold day for Khorne... let's just go with what we have now.

My example of the bad part would be the obvious Daemonhunters. In second and heck even third they were a devastating army. Now, they are worthless as an Army unless used perfectly, or as allies. I love their models and their fluff is great. But as the points are so high, you can't really compete with the newer armies that have had their points stream lined and new units thrown every which way at them. All be it, the old Nemesis Force Weapon getting around E.W. is still amazing, but the stat line for a grand master is quite funny. WS BS 5... used to be great, but now they are being hit on 3's by marine captains... that isn't right by any stretch of the imagination.

Now for the... well not good, but less bad side. Dark of all people feel the pain as I love them to death, but I just do not like their models and I'm not a huge fan of their current (and pretty much only list) the "Raider Rush" tactic. It really doesn't matter what's in them or how they are used, their armies are always full of raiders. But remember, outside of annihilation, that is amazing. Fast, open topped transports and dark lances everywhere. Look at an 1850 list of DE and be amazed at the amount of stuff they field. With the exception of the Reaver bikes, their units are incredibly cheap for what they are. On top of this, the sheer number of lances they field makes mech quiver in their little treds. This army still has a lot of win potential, as old as it is. One just has to stomach their terrible models (Save Drazhar who is just cool).

All in all, I must say the idea of codex creep is an interesting one. I can't really say any armies are crippled by this. If played correctly, any army can over come it's age and can even win tournaments. So How do players with old codex's with limited armories keep up with the new armies? Simple; the same way the new codex's deal with old ones. Pay no attention to the age, and just find a list that runs well in the codex. Every army has at least one good list (even you Daemonhunter players) for just about every points game out there. So whether your a geezer or a baby, get out there and kill some little plastic space men!

Tune in next time when I talk about Money Hammer....

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