Monday, March 1, 2010

High Rollas

by Ishamael

So, it's been a while since I've posted, and here is a small bit to tide you over until I finish what I want to say in my next post, which will be all about the rules. Let us begin:


Most of you already know, but the Ork FAQ now allows the Deff Rollas to inflict d6 str10 ramming hits on enemy vehicles. Yet, why would BoLS even consider putting such an article up that only serves to insult the readers' intelligence by stating that one small change in a small codex will flip this game upside-down? It's not like Orks are getting some phenomenal anti-tank weapon. Consider Goatboy's list:


Even giving that he has to work within the jank confines of the Ork Codex, I do accede that the Deff Rolla will give much-needed anti-tank to an army that doesn't have good ways to take care of AV 14 boxes. Yet, is it being overstated? Most armies already have fast components that are specifically made to break the Raider Rush tactic with incredible efficiency (Pirahnas, Speeders, anything Vulkan). Loki plays a generic Marine list, and my dual Land Raider Chaos list, also known as AV 14 Rhinos, loses them to melta-fire without much of a sweat. How can these wagons be expected to get across the field, into position, and then moving the 13 inches to ram a vehicle? The Kustom Force Field would appear to take care of that, but a number of armies have those wonderful Ordinance Barrage weapons, or can just negate your cover saves like it's their job...which it is.

It's needed, it's Orky, and it still depends on your opponent's incompetence.

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