Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hobby or Game?

Good morning everyone, sorry about my long absence but I've been busy so I bring you a piece to think about.
We all play 40k, but why? What is it that drives us to spend too much money on plastic space men? Some of us have more of a problem with this than others; Loki for instance, is on his third or fourth aborted army this school year and I simply can't find one I like and finish it. I know I love the tactical side of the game, trying to think ahead and make my opponents react to what I do and make a mistake, but I also love those hours I'll while away painting. What about you, why do you play?
For the hobbyist out there here are some pictures from the new blood angels line, enjoy.

1 comment:

  1. Looking pretty awesome there. See that guy with the black wings in the bottom picture? Dude has a 3+ invul due to the fact that he has his own force field... MADE OF BLOOD! Too bad I won't be using him. Can't wait for the codex to come out.