Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Battle Missions and Beyond

So I have played many games over the past week, which has been a great change as I usually struggle to get in one or two. Many of them have been very close and extremely enjoyable. I really like playing at the house with friends invited over for a few reasons; one being the tables Ishamael and I made are much more textured than those at our F.L.G.S. and the other being the atmosphere.

But anyways to the point. As I said, I had a chance to play a lot more games than usual this past week or two, and most of them have deviated from the usual 3 set ups and 3 game types from the Big Rule Book. Not that those aren't fun, but after a few hundred times playing them, they begin to get a little stale. So, it shouldn't be much of a shock to know I purchased the Battle Missions book. And I will say without a doubt, I highly recommend this purchase for your gamer group. Find someone who has it, or even purchase a copy with friends to be used by the whole group. It adds a nice bit of variety to the game, and makes for many enjoyable new twists.

But I want to urge people to go beyond just that. It is not impossible to create a unique game type or set up. Earlier in the week I played against ZerkeX with a modified version of "Save the Fallen Commander", a mission from White Dwarf when the new Tyranids were fist introduced.

This mission shows me that if people come up with a fun and fair way to alter the usual rules in a balanced a fair way, it can really add a lot to this game. We shouldn't look at 40k as being a set in stone game that must be played as it has been in the past. It is a game, and one that we can really have fun with by making our own rules, scenarios, etc. The sky is the limit, and I really hope we get some new and unique ideas for missions. (Just had a neat idea... tangent)

We could get a group together to brainstorm and create mission and or set ups for the armies played by those people. I think that would be a great way to get players to look at their army and picture them as more than just plastic minis.

Anyways, I hope people look at this, and consider the use of alternative styles and missions, rather than just looking at the same three and only play to win. Have fun everyone, and try new ways to make the game more about enjoyment in the game rather than just winning.


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  1. I would really have to agree with him on this one. I love playing games, as a former player of MTG (Magic the Gathering), L5R, Warmachine, and now Warhammer, there is nothing more fun than getting together with good friends, and playing these games, and many others. Loki and I have had several good fights over the past week, and more importantly than having so many good battles, is we had tons of great fun.

    We tried the Save the Fallen Hero, and it was a great game. We also tried a new game scenario, which we played, and it was fun, but nothing of interest really happened.

    On this note, please fellow players of any game, keep in mind that THIS IS ONLY A GAME! There is no reason to take it so seriously that you will get upset over not doing well and/or losing. If you take this game to seriously like this it looses the fun-factor. This not only makes the battle less fun for you, it also makes it less fun for others who are also playing.
    not just the guy who you are playing!

    So until next time, I hope that you have a good day.

    Loki, thanks again for the great games.