Friday, May 14, 2010

Battle Report III: Loki v. ZerkeX


This Battle Report will follow a similar Picture based Style to the previous as they were done on the same day. We will most likley be returning to a video style in the coming reports, but as of right now this is our best and only real option to get reports out to the world.

Black Templars
Marshal Irons (Helbrecht) with command squad in LRC
3 Rhino Crusader Squads
Venerable dreadnought

Space Wolves

Logan Grim
2 Wolf Guard Terminators in Drop Pods
Long Fangs
Grey Knights in LRC

Game: Capture and Control
Set Up: Dawn of War
First Turn: Loki (Templar)

Set Up

Nothing on the table but the Emperor's Champion with a 9 man squad in a lonely Rhino. The wolves hold their units in reserves hoping to hit the field in a glorious shock and awe tactic.

Turn 1

The Forward Rhino with the Champion deems best to hold position and wait for the bulk of the crusaders to arrive at their side before advancing.

The Wolves move Long fangs into a ruined manufactorum on their extreme left. While a crusader filled with the Knights of the Daemonhunters move cautiously up the center, a Wolf Lord lands on the Templar's right flank to hit a lone rhino advancing up alone.

Turn 2

The Templar Move up the center to counter the Daemonhunters before they can make use of their superior skill and wargear to bare.

While the lone rhino falls back in an attempt to force the Woven Terminators to follow them away from the main force of the Crusaders. The Wolfs take the bait, but now the squad is forced into solitude against the Fenrisian Guard, who quickly destroy the holy Rhino with the strength of Russ.

Turn 3

After firing all weapons and receiving aid from the Venerable dread once more, the crusaders fell two the the Fenrisian Gaurd. With their numbers lowered, the Templar assaulted with righteous Zeal against a Wolf Lord and his Guard in a bloody fight leaving the two sides locked in close combat for a turn.

Across the field, Heavy Fire from the Wolves brought down yet another Holy Rhino of Marshal Iron's Crusade, this one belonging to Godfrey, the Emperor's Champion.

Along with the loss of the Rhino's Protection, the Marshal now faced implacable Terminators arriving from orbit via Drop Pod. And with Grey Knights awaiting orders to attack in the hull of a mighty Land Raider... the battle looks ill for the Crusaders, and songs of Glory would soon sound in the great halls of the Wolves.

Turn 4

As Godfrey lead his squad to the charge to fulfill his sacred duty, Marshal Irons stepped forth from the doors of the great crusader, the two squads opened fire on the terminators lead by the great wolf himself, then charged with the zeal and hatred of all who stand before them. After a great battle, only a wounded Logan and Arjak stood in defiance of the crusaders.

While the great battle raged on, the Venerable Dreadnought used his expertise in Tank Hunting to bring down the mighty Daemonhunter Land Raider, leaving the knights of the Inquisition to the mercy of the Crusaders.

Though the battle turned in the favor of the Templars mid field, the crusader squad laid down their last lives to the Wolf Lord and Guard. Though victorious, the squad was badly wounded, and far from any help to their wolven brothers. The Crusader's sacrifice was no in vain.

The end of turn 4 brought the final judgment of not only The Great Wolf Gimnar and Arjak... but the horse they rode in on was felled when the Drop Pod was destroyed by the might of the Sergeant's Power Fist.

Turn 5

With the Grey Knights exposed, the might of the crusaders open fired on the holy warriors, removing all trace of their once majestic presence with ominous silence.

While the crusader squads moved up, the crusader rained vengeful fire upon the wolf lord and his Guard for the fallen crusaders.

After seeing the Grey Knights fall, the Long fangs opened fire upon the Mighty Venerable Dreadnought, but were unable to crack the skilled opponent's mighty hull.

Turn 6
The battle continues with a roll of a 5

Having taken refuge in the final remaining Rhino, the crusader squad mounted up and ran for the Wolfen Objective, killing a few Long Fangs with the mighty fire of the zealous Dreadnought and the command squad.

Though having lost the battle, the wolves did manage a small victory, by escaping the fate of all Heretics. The Wolf Lord and his Guard made it free from the fire of the Crusader before it could bring it's vengeance to bare.

Game ends on a 1.

Final Score:

Templars - 1
Space Wolves - 0

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  1. That was such a fun game, while the Great Wolf was felled, I think now the new list would cause you several my killie killie death Blood Claw Squad. Soon Crusader, the Wrath of the Wolves will rain down upon you, for our ancient war cruisers have emerged from the warp, and bring forth the brunt of the great Primarchs forces of the 13th company. ALL HAIL RUSS!

    The Wolf battle brothers will not forget this day. Be prepared, for they come soon.