Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Battle Report II: Heretic v. Ishmael


Aun'ki'Fi'rios, it is with my deepest apologies that I must inform you of the continuing fighting on Ke'Shan. The gue'ui made planetfall in an uninhabited region of the planet, but quickly made their way into the ruins of a gue'la city, perhaps searching for some relic. Upon entering the city, I discovered five statues that had escaped prior detection. They resembled the gue'ui of Ishmael, but emitted an energy signature of who's nature my technicians were unable to discern. Regardless the gue'ui brute Ishmael seemed intent on having them so I believed a confrontation to prevent him from attaining to be in order. The account of the battle follows.The warlord aligned his forces in a tight pack, with his, vindicator I believe is their term for it, and battlesuits in front of his transports. A wise move as I sought to disable his transports. He placed a massive and hideous warmachine, defiler is their name I believe, behind an orbital cannon.As per your wise council Aun'Ki, I deployed my forces with my shas'la furthest from the gue'ui, with my piranha skimmers closer and I led by broadside brothers from the safety of a crater. The cadre's hammerhead was deployed opposite myself and looked to decimate the flanks of Ishmael's assault.

Here is a flyover image of the battle as it commenced, for your consideration.

As the battle began, Ishmael's forces advanced toward myself and my broadsides, with the vindicator deploying smoke and one of their battlesuits committing fratricide with his large fusion weapon. If this is the quality of our opponent, I am sure the Greater Good will triumph in the end.
Having fought gue'ui many times in the past, I knew it would be futile to attempt to destroy the vindicator while it was obscured by a cloud of smoke so I sent the piranhas to slow the armored column's advance while the broadsides and I attempted to dismantle their transports. While the gue'ui armored column advanced on my right my hammerhead and shas'la advanced to my left, creating a circular fight and hoping to lure only one group of gue'ui toward themselves at a time.

As the battle progressed, the warlord advanced his forces under the cover of more smoke, as my broadside pilots showed their lack of recent practice by failing to destroy a single vehicle. Showing their resolve in the face of the loss of their sisters, the crew of the piranha Swift Strike swept behind the column and destroyed the demolisher cannon of the vindicator. Assaulted by foul beasts, the Swift Strike deemed it wiser to withdraw than continue attacking the column.

As one team attempted to secure the far statue on the left flank from a deformed pair of obliterators, the other three showed a group of gue'ui the power of a united force, reducing their vaunted power armor to smoking piles of slag. However on the opposite flank, another team of gue'ui assaulted and disabled the broadside team I had recently disengaged from.

As the battle progressed, the gue'ui battle suits moved to assault the shas'ui teams after disabling their devilfish. Ishmael bypassed myself in search of the shas'la on the near left flank. The Swift Strike moved to contest the central point, pursued by the warp creatures summoned by Ishmael. It is my sad duty to inform you that two crisis pilots were lost to a mishap, but the other team landed near and killed three gue'ui.

While I was preparing to destroy the statue closest to myself to prevent it falling into the hands of the gue'ui I was called away to another battle as the warlord had sent one of his lieutenants to attack another sector and I was forced to prepare defenses there. The statues have fallen into Ishmael's hands, but my technicians have attempted to sabotage some of them so they will detonate when any attempt to investigate them is made. They were only able to sabotage two but they gathered valuable data on the energy source that will aid us later in this campaign. I await your judgement. Shas'El'Mel'ek out.



  1. While it did get the gist of what happened, I think we'll need to sit down and create a more comprehensive method of posting Batreps. As for pictures, we'll need to use more high-angle shots to convey movement and the entire field. But yeah, lots of shooting fail on both sides, and it wasn't until turn 4/5 that 1 or 2 Dreads didn't go batshit crazy.

  2. I do believe that A shot from behind each players table edge would work well for the picture taking.

  3. I will try to work that into the next one; well the one after you and Lemmy's.

  4. Also I'm going to be getting me a new camera this semester, and it is going to be the one that you can sweep the picture around on, they have been showing the commercials for it, and the name eludes me. You would be more than welcome to use that one.