Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Battle Report Incoming


To Aun'ki'Fi'rios

Hail most wise and honored one, I regret that I must bear grim news. A warp storm has opened above our new colonies on Ke'Shan and I fear our colonists will come under attack. The Earth Caste technicians you have assigned to my coalition have intercepted transmissions coming from the storm. They believe a band of gue'ui renegades under the deranged warlord Ishmael are mounting an attack near the end of the current earth week. My shas'vre and I are deep in meditation on what would be the course of action to defend Ke'Shan, but I felt it necessary to inform you of the situation. I am confident in victory, but Ishmael has been know to lead many gue'ui devoted to their "god" Khorne. I am still at a loss to this concept of a "god," oh wise one, but this one seems to drive the gue'ui to a bloody frenzy. I will send word on our first engagement with these barbarians hopefully within the coming earth week. I would ask that you consider preparing a relief force should our defenses be overrun.


Inquisitor, I propose we prepare to take advantage of this clash between Xenos and Heretics. All
information will be passed to you by your faithful agent Loki.

Hail the God-Emperor


  1. And then the Blood Angels came and killed everyone.

  2. Good good. I wish to watch this as it would be a good reference material.

  3. Sorry Anon, but it won't be up until Monday at the earliest. Ishmael had some family obligations to take care of and I'm moving tomorrow, so we'll be playing on Sunday, probably.

  4. Hey there guys, when we going to get those battle reports posted? Having problems with the editing or what?

  5. Yeah, editing and writing up the post took a while. We've also got one between Loki and Anon coming up on Friday.