Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Well, screw you too, GW.

So, here is the first.

As you guys may have previously informed, Daemonhunters no longer have rules to ally with other codices.

Some armies enjoyed those old pieces of wargear, and they just got the big one from Geims Waaaghkshop. Sure, these are now available for free, but what's the damned point, unless you have a royal hardon for Grey Knights?

Question is: might this be an indicator of a new army book coming soon, or GW reminding us what Marcellus Wallace looks like?


  1. I'm not that familiar with the original codexes. How much has actually changed aside from the loss of the allies?

    I noticed that the copyright hasn't been updated for either codex.

  2. ^They didn't change any point totals, or make anything cheaper (or upgrade things like assault cannons). IMO its a case of GW trying to gimp Imperial Guard for Ard' Boyz (removing the ability of them taking inf range psy hoods).

    Personally I think this is a good thing on two accounts:

    1. Guard literally had it all. They don't need psy defense, they just shoot everything dead. Them not being able to take Mystics etc now give them an actual character flaw.

    2. Grey Knights are coming out soon, and I guarantee that Inq. are coming out soonish as well (they are Marine codices after all). Yes it sucks for the moment, but not being able to cherry pick the only units worth using from each codex and making them stand on their own two feet will make for more interesting armies IMO.