Saturday, July 24, 2010

Forgeworld's Little Secret

There has been a lot of talk floating around the interweb about these two pictures forgeworld released. The only hint they gave was that the time frame in which these models belong is in fact the present (so they aren't technically heresy helms) but they look beautiful.

As for me, I hope they belong to a new Templar set, as they do look very much like the helms I have. But they could also be a Grey Knight set, or something brand new. Who knows what the mystery is.

What about you guys? Any thoughts on the matter?


  1. well the helm on the left is definatly as close to the Grey Knights as I have seen in some time. So I would have to say that they are for the release of Grey Knights.

  2. yes, but Grey Knights do not wear the Mk6 chest plate as that same picture shows. I am also interested in the backpack on the right picture. those four bars are new to the marine look...

  3. Gorgeous all the same. Here's to hoping they come out soon.

  4. Good point, good point. But as per the fact that Daemonhunters is due to be released soon, I have to stay with that fact, Daemonhunters on the left. The right guy on the other hand, I would have to go with my gut feeling, and hope that it is a new Mark of power armor. that or a 'chaos' mini. Either way I'm happy.