Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Life after the Cover Save

I don't know about you all, but I know I enjoy sitting down and listening to a podcast every so often. For the longest time I would listen to 40k Radio, sometimes even catching them live when I was at home. But with the end of Spencer, Scott and Chipley's run on 40k Radio and the continuation of the show by others, I just don't feel that it is the same show anymore. Now I'll admit I haven't been up to date with the show for a long time. The last episode I listened to was from around April. If you follow(ed) 40k Radio you probably know about the fiasco with Spencer's family being threatened and it probably left the same bad taste in your mouth that it did in mine, albeit maybe with more dirty gym sock.

With (for me) the end of 40k Radio, I stopped listening to most podcasts all together. There are some others I could recommend, but I just got done listening to the first episode of a new 40k podcast called Life after the Cover Save. The episode, as most first episodes are, was mainly concerned with introducing the hosts to their audience. What time they had left was split up between trying to do the news (with much more success then Scott ever had), their Rapid Fire Rant segment concerning how to deal with cocked dice which was rather calm actually and discussing a hypothetical decision mid-game and discussing how and why they would resolve the situation. All in all a well produced (after the first few minutes) podcast with generally likable hosts who love our shared hobby and want to put together something worth your time.

You can look up their website here or they are available for download free of charge on iTunes. I will be listening to see how their adventure in 40k cyberspace pans out and hope you will too. As they say "Life is always sweeter after the cover save."

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  1. Nothing against the new guys (as I have not listened to the new show) but I just can't like 40k radio without the guys who made it what it was. I didn't listen to the show for real news, or even to learn much. I listened because it was funny and extremely well done by people who shared the same feelings about 40k.

    I miss people TRYIN' TA DO THE NEWS! and the Spencer rants... I miss my old show :(