Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hobby Table II

Hello everyone, Loki here with another edition of Hobby Table. This time we'll be focusing on my latest pet project for a good friend of mine. Mr. Clark has been extremely interested in running a Blood Ravens army as he really enjoyed them from the Dawn of War series, and we were trying to find a way to match their fluff.

After a disappointing look into the standard Marine codex, as well as a look into the Space Wolves codex, we weren't entirely happy with the fit either way. Thus the idea was born to create a home brew codex that would take the Codex Space Marines, and give it some tweaks here and there to make it a feel of it's own.

Since the chapter has a huge thing for psychers we are giving it a good many perks to both powers to use, and gaining an edge (a psycher wargear item called The Raven's Claw is buyable for librarians that make ties on psychic hood checks go to them instead of the usual caster).

We have introduced a number of characters including many from the dawn of war two games (Tarkus, Cyrus, Thule, and Angelos are among them) and will be mostly upgrades for their respective squads, though some would be Independent Characters as to be expected.

Though we've only reached the tip of the iceberg, I plan to spend a lot of time making this codex and of course it won't be legal in tournament play, there will be many play tests and a lot of good games to see coming from our home brew dex that should be great to see.

I hope this peaks your interest and would love to here your thoughts and any suggestions you may have.



  1. You have got to put chaotic wargear into the codex!
    And them them perks for chaos points!

  2. The Chaos is there in subtlety. No need to be too forward with it when I'm trying to look loyalist.

  3. The main focus of the codex is Space Marines with extra emphasis on psychers, just like the Blood Angel codex is Space Marines with an extra focus on assault and quick movement. The ideas that have been pooled together are starting to look good while still being balanced. I believe you guys will enjoy the final product.

  4. I am stil lworking hard on the book (though I did start a little work on my terrain pieces today as I finally had an urge to base and paint them).

    I have been working close with Jacob on the book as it is for him for the most part, and I wanted to get close to his image.

    I must give a major shout out to both Dramatt and Heretic on this as they have both helped with some of the design work on characters and wargear.

    Overall I am really pleased with the book and think that it will be a great homebrew that may even be send into GW for review.

  5. I owe dramatt and Heretic thanks as well. It's really great to have outside player perspectives present to keep it balanced. The last thing I would care to see happen is further the power creep at a "for fun" level.

  6. Always glad to help. If you have anymore ideas I'd be glad to help then also.