Sunday, August 1, 2010

Alternative Options

Hello everyone. With GW's continual raising of prices I think we're all wondering when the day comes they'll be asking triple digits for the Land Raider... That being said, I will give them props for the quality level of their products. Having played since second I was used to the old "gimme a hug" feeling models... you know the ones... the ones with the weapons on each side of their body making them feel very 2-dimensional. Now looking at the new models like the Blood Angels Death Company box, and the Space Wolf boxes, it's easy to see the quality is improving.

But all of these models suffer from the GW price tag. That being said there are a number of great sites to fall back on. One such site is the Scibor website. They have a number of models that (unfortunately for us) are not available for sale, however, there are a good number of items that are. These models range from fantasy to sci-fi (40k) and have a unique feel that is just amazing. They have bases for models that are simply incredible, and conversion parts that cover both tanks and infantry.

The quality is second to none and I have placed an order for some of the Templar items on their list as they are just too pretty to ignore. I will say that without a doubt this site should be one of your first stops when looking for alternative models to fit into your army. They're adding more and more every day to their already impressive store so it may not be to far away before an item for your army comes around (if it isn't already there).

For your consideration I've posted a link to their website and a few pictures for you to view.


Scibor Main Page


  1. And yet nobody makes raven stuff... *tear*

  2. Good God, I wish they made the War wolf as just a single model. thunder wolves sir, thunder wolves.