Sunday, August 29, 2010

Reader Choice.

I want to get the readers involved here at RoB, so while pondering on the idea of my next topic I had an epiphany. I want you guys to give me a topic (or several topics) you'd like to hear / read about.

Please remember to keep things appropriate if possible, but other than that I leave this open to anyone. If you are one of the many people who read but never comment (our Lurking Members if you will :P ), I encourage you to join in here. Remember this can be anything (conversation, rules topic, unit review, and even battle reports). So with that I look forward to the topics you all bring to the table, and I will do my best to write on all subjects brought up.



  1. We have not seen a battle report in quite some time. A new one of those would be nice to see on the table. Also you could do a rules discussion on defender react, pile in's, and when exactly the consolidation move happens.

    Those would be some good topics that I would like to hear more about, as the rules don't seem to come up here very often.

  2. I enjoyed the Angels codex review. I know we haven't gotten any new codices since then but I'd enjoy seeing those kept up on.

  3. All of these have been written down. Keep them coming guys and gals. I'd love to have a bucket of topics from you guys.

    Thanks for the ideas so far, and thanks in advance to any others that op to participate.

  4. I also liked the Blood Angels review and I think it would be a cool idea to do a series of reviews on each faction. Sorta like a heads up primer for those looking at getting into the army and those expecting to face the army.

  5. The Codex review's seem like a good idea, but the part that catches me is that I've not seen much of anything to the rules on here. I'm big on learning as much as I can. But because of that, I'm having a hard time getting things, as I'm not able to discuss these things with people outside of pointing them out in the game, and moving along. So I'm still saying the rules. Now do not get me wrong, some Codex Reviews, would be a great way to get players ready to face those armies, and help those that play those Dex's get a new fresh view on their armies, so I would also like to see those.

  6. I'll start the next article when I get home and have access to the Big Rule Book for exact wordings.

    Should have one up by the end of the day.