Monday, September 27, 2010

Dark Eldar rumors from GDUK

Good evening ladies and gents. After a long weekend of reading the rumor mill I've got a few nice tidbits for you to consider, not only for themselves, but for how they might change your game. Also, here's some photos in case you haven't had the chance to see them.
First up, the new wytches. Here you can see one of the new plastic models assembled with what is rumored to be called "hydra gauntlets." These are supposed to give the wytch model d6 attacks for having two close combat weapons instead of the regular one attack. Alternately, the wytches can have their standard weapons that deprive models in base to base of one of their attacks. With their 4++ save in close combat, these guys could be a counter to terminators or most any other close combat unit, especially if they have a few of these gauntlets around.

Another unit with an amazing new model, the Reaver, looks to bring a new level of mobility to your games of 40k. Rumored to be able to turboboost a stunning 36", these units can assault most any point on the board in two turns. The Reavers are still toughness four, but rumored to be only strength three and have a 5+ armor save. But I wouldn't expect that to come into play much unless you can deny a cover save, as these bikes don't need to be doing anything but turboboosting because they can still cause damage doing so. The rumor floating around is that when a bike flies over a non-vehicle unit each bike inflicts d3 strength three hits to the unit.

Finally, the old standby vehicle, the Raider has been given an amazing overhaul and has not been left out of the new codex goodness. While getting more expensive (sorry no specifics), they are getting upgrades for five or ten points that make it more mobile and more durable. The first upgrade is supposed to add 2d6" to the raiders movement, meaning it could move between 24" and 36" in a single turn. The other upgrade is supposed to grant the vehicle a 5++ invulnerable save. Not a cover save like the disruption pod, but an invulnerable save which can also be used in close combat.

What do you think, how will the new Dark Eldar change your game? Are you excited or shaking in fear of Commorragh?


  1. I'm excited as all get out. I'm actually breaking the dark Eldar back out of the cupboard and giving them another trip around the block before the new codex hits. But more importantly than I the only one who thinks that maybe a speeding bike with tons of Razor Sharp blades should cause more than just a strength 3 hit? Shouldn't it be at least as deadly as a bolter round. I mean come on those blades look wicked. any word on an upgrade for the slave snares, or maybe a better version of them. As they were cool, and good for the fluff. they need something.

  2. Apparantly the bikes can have upgrades to make the hits strength 4 or possibly more. Upgrades of some sort anyway.

  3. Fritz hinted at an AP 1 dark lance earlier today on his blog. No idea how valid it is and I don't have any corroboration, so take it as you will.

  4. The models look amazing. The army seems like it will be another fast, super-punchy army that hits a lot, but not as hard as the Space Wolves can.

    This will be a good addition to the table.

  5. To answer a question or two...

    I believe the stock Bladevanes are S4, but I could be wrong there. In any case, they can be upgraded to give up to twice as many hits, or to be pinning.

    The Heat Lance, with both the melta and lance rule, but a lower strength than the blaster, is AP1. Both it and the Blaster have a slightly higher range than your standard meltagun.

    I think there's a lot of fun to be had with this book... the Archon's court at the minimum supplies some beefy bodyguards, and some interesting tricks, and possibly something as sick as a slew of 2+ poison attacks (before assault even happens). And of course we then have the Archon to worry about.

    Poison weapons galore offers an interesting playstyle, as well as the proper allocation of Pain Tokens.

    Special Characters like lelith walking through squads, the Hellion character making them troops... there will be some fun builds.

    In truth, I actually think that the Cult will be a more newbie friendly army. Drugs are still plenty viable, and Wyches are now cheaper and fit the "generic assault unit with a twist" niche. And the best part - the horror of being left out in the open after an assault is somewhat mitigated by the fact that, in doing so, you just got Feel No Pain!

    Sounds like good times to me. Throw in some Ravagers and maybe one fo the new fliers for some anti-tank work, and you're golden.