Thursday, September 23, 2010

More on those Khadorans!

by Ishamael

Hey Readers, things've been rather busy since school started. Along with 15 credit hours I'm being trained as a paper reviewer for an undergrad philosophy journal (so basically +3 hours), tutoring for monies, and keeping up with the two fraternities I'm in, so gaming's being moved down the bench a little.

Won't stop me from spewing my nonsense!

So, by some strange happenstance, there's been a shortage of Berserker 'jacks from every supplier my FLGS has. He's surmised that PP is in an unexpected rise, so I've gone and taken advantage of a deal that was in the store on some cavalrymen, called the Iron Fang Uhlans. First off, these suckers are faster than anything else in my army...because everything in my army is slow. Maybe I'm not saying much on movement then. Now, given what appears to be a good combination of movement, statistics, and a cool weapon, I'm thinking that this addition to my army will do what I wanted to buy two Berserker models for: search and destroy. Except I will care if these guys die. Now, I've bought a maxed-out unit of these guys, so I'm blowing 11 points in my 50-point list on what will primarily be an anti-jack melee option. That last point is being used in the purchase of a WAR DOG! He's a caster attachment that makes it harder to hit the caster, he's pretty tough himself (he has HPs), and he does this cute little counter-charge when someone gets too close, then can make a full advance back to the caster...kinda like a pocket monster. My choices have also blown up any bonuses for using a Sorscha-themed list, so I've looked in some other places for models to use.

I've looked in the Mercenary's recent release, and have actually bought two mercs to play ball with: Kell Bailoch, and Eiryss. These two help my assassination elements (Widowmakers + Marksman). Kell can fire two sniper rounds a turn, and his magical sniper rifle gives me the option of firing at incorporeal things that might try to skirt around my flanks. Eiryss will mainly be used for putting out straight damage on jacks' boxes, and she'll be sapping away an enemy caster's Focus when either it is prudent, or just annoying. At this point, I'll toss out my 50 pt list:

5 Uhlans
4 Mechaniks
2x 10 Winterguard Rifle Corps
2x Field Gun Crews
Unit of four Widowmakers
Widowmaker Marksman
Kell Bailoch

The two ranks of Rifle Corps screen the Field Guns, Sorshca/Growlithe, Spriggy, and the Widowmakers. Their Ranked Fire rule lets me ignore them for LOS purposes, so they get to be a meat shield. Spriggy lights up stealthed units (he's got 2x nade launchers, so he can launch two flares a turn. Odds are the Rifle Corps will generally be using their suppressive fire to keep enemy infantry weary of the 10 inches of table I can cover. On one flank go the Uhlans, with Kell and Eiryss following them for positioning. Kell will have to stay within Sorscha's control area though, since she'll be casting concealment on everybody, which consequently gives Kell Stealth. The Uhlans will be B2B to get +2 Arm, and running 16 inches a turn should get them in a prime flanking position. Depending on when everything starts clashing, should the situation arise where Sorscha's feat can hit the enemy caster, Eiryss, Kell, the Widowmakers, and my cavalry (what's left of them) will have an almost free turn of hitting the caster, and it might work.

Some more thoughts on what I'm doing with Warmachine. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get down to the shop to play on Sundays due to other obligations, but I'll definitely be there this Sunday, with some more thoughts to come on how I plan to deploy this mess.

I should be writing a paper,


  1. Those Khadorians will be pushed over by my druids.

  2. :P That's damn possible. Sometime I want to pick up a Devastator just to have it plow through models.