Friday, September 3, 2010

Hobby Table III

For this Edition of Hobby Table, I will be introducing a new mission variant I have come up with and have been playing around with. It is a simple game but has a unique twist involved. I have play tested a beta version of it, and I must say it went rather well. So let's get to it.

Mission: Containment
This mission focuses on the idea of a member or unit of one army being captured by the enemy in hopes to gain information or other boons (like the location of the missing snacky cakes) from their captives. Not being one to let the enemy get away with this, a battle insures shortly after.

So here's How it works.

The game plays by standard Annihilation rules as described in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook.

Set Up
This game uses the Attacker and Defender system for players involved. The Defender represents the player who has had a unit kidnapped in them midst of the fight, while the Attacker represents the captures. Please look to the Special Rules Section for further details on this.

This game uses standard Pitched Battle Deployment as described in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook.

Both armies may use reserves as normal.

Victory Conditions
This mission follows the Kill Point system used with the Annihilation rules in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook. The player with the most Kill Points at the end of the battle is the winner. Please make note of the special rules section.

Special Rules:

Containment: Before Determining who will go first, roll a dice. The winner may choose to be the Attacker or Defender. Each Player, starting with the Defender chooses a single unit from their own army. This unit may be any unit with a WS. The Attacker then does the same.

After Determining deployment zones, split the Attacker's deployment zone into 6 equal 1' sections along the length of the long table edge. the Attacker rolls a dice; the number rolled corresponds to the section (always start counting from the left) in which the containment takes place. The contained unit is placed in the middle of the section (as the sections are all 12" x 12", the middle of the section if found by measuring a further 6" over, and 6" forward).

The Defending Player chooses a single unit from their army.  This can be any unit, including Independent Characters.  This unit is considered Captured, and is unable to do anything until freed.  The Attacking player must now take the unit he/she has chosen to do the containment, surrounding (as best as possible) the contained unit while staying at least 1" away, but no more than 2" away from their captives  Neither unit may make voluntarily actions (including moving, shooting, assaulting, anything!).

If the unit containing the captives falls back, is assaulted, or is removed from the table as a casualty, the captive unit returns to it's owners control immediately, and may act as normal on the owning players turn.

Please note if the containment is broken for any reason, it may not be re-established, and both units then act normally.

Valuable Information: The Unit being held prisoner is holding information that is highly valued by both sides. If the captive unit is still being contained at the end of the game, the Attacker gains an additional 5 Kill Points.

However, if the unit is freed but later destroyed, the Attacker gains 3 additional Kill Points (as they denied the Defenders the same valued information).

If the Captive unit is freed, and survives, the Defender gains an Additional 5 Kill Points.

The game uses standard mission length, and allows any and all standard rules to be used (i.e. Deepstrike, Outflant, Scout, etc.)

So there you have it. Containment is a fun game that takes the most basic of basic games (Pitched Annihilation) and adds a little twist. Also, I know the rolls seem incorrectly labeled (The Attacker seems to be Defending, and vise verse) but it was done this way with the Dark Eldar's Piratical Raider's Rule in mind.

Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do.


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