Sunday, October 17, 2010

Still Kickin'

by Ishamael

So, we're nearing that magical time called midterms, when the tests get harder and the projects get bigger. Unfortunately, this has led to me having a tough time getting around to writing articles, let alone them being fresh or original. I've considered snowmobiling, which is entertaining, but there are other places that do that, only better than I could (probably). Given that my only 40k army is Tau, just head over to YTTH or 3++ is the New Black for several articles on how to build, play, and win with them.

So, where does this leave me to fill in a niche in the wargaming community?

While I do want to do some articles on setup in 40k, the seeming lack of Warmachine blogs (from what I've hunted using Google) is leading me to think that it might be better for me to do Warmachine articles to expand readership, and serve as a self-referential tool to go over my thoughts while I wade through my experiences playing Khador. So, let me start there.

Currently I'm experimenting with different units to find out what I enjoy playing with, and trying to find out what will work. I'm working right now with eSorscha as my caster, but this is primarily for her feat. While it only worked well today once while playing, getting to double all damage done for one turn is most excellent. The equation is something like (P+S + 2d6/3d6 charge - enemy ARM) x2. Beyond this, she's pretty hard to hit as far as casters go with AC 16, and her spells give her a small amount of Jack support, yet everything else points her at smashing infantry with her seismic hammer. The question now is whether or not to try a different warcaster out, and if I do, what units should I bring?

From the games I've played, the units I enjoy the most so far are the Iron Fang Uhlans, Spriggan, Greylord Ternion, Widowmakers, Engineers, and the WAR DOG. I very recently got a Berserker model, and it's fun to play with so far, but it requires being driven or hitting a frozen target to have a chance at doing anything. So, he's a sideliner, along with the Juggernaut. My goal is to build for 50 pts. For the purposes of consideration, I'll be taking Sorscha as my caster, and then add these units in.

War Dog
5 Uhlans
4 Battle Mechanics
Greylord Ternion

So, right here I've only used 26 points, a large portion in that unit of cavalry. As it stands, I only have 2 units that can threaten jacks (Uhlans/Spriggan). Sorscha can go in this category with her feat and boosting. My other units fill the anti-infantry role, with the Greylords' cone of cold, and the Widowmakers' sniping capabilities. Yet, given that the Berserker is focus-light, and the Juggernaut is tough enough to warrant its name, I will toss them in to add endurance, as well as anti-jack units. So, this puts me at 39 points.

Where to toss those points though?

As a matter of more endurance, I've also purchased the Man-O-War Drakhun model. I have yet to get a dismounted model for him, but I will add him in here with his dismount. Another quick cavalry model that has a great MAT, ARM, and Weapon Master, and he gets off when the horse dies. So, now I'm at 44. What to get for 6 points? I have a couple thoughts right off the bat: a minimum unit of Demolition Corps, or a powerful solo and something else, say a Man-O-War Kovnik to Drive the Berserker, and then a Merc like Eiryss to screw around with the enemy caster/jacks.

Here is where the question is right now. For the latter 6 points, I already have Eiryss, and I would need to purchase the Kovnik and a Shocktrooper for the Drakhun's dismount. Yet, the Demo Corps hit like a truck, have high ARM, with the option of gaining a die on damage, or swinging twice.

For those so inclined to Privateer Press, what do you think? I'm flexible on the caster, and these last six points.

Cold as a Saldean winter,


  1. I will be very interesting to see some warmachine posts.
    I haven't really played the game as much as 40k and it is tough to find that mid term that I have found forty k. such as:
    What is a good P+H value?
    How much fury/focus is good?
    how to know when a caster isn't great?
    what makes heavy infantry good?
    why would you take a light over a heavy?
    why take jacks at all?
    Is light infantry worth having?
    what is the best way to set up various armies in you opionion?

    Hope this helps you out....

  2. These suggestions will help me with considering what to post on. Given that I only just started playing myself, here's a link that talks on the history of infantry vs. jacks:

    Most excellent website for just studying the factions of warmahordes.

    My next article's going to be on ranged vs. melee in this game.

  3. Always happy to see Privateer Press getting attention.

    To answer some questions:
    -Generally the higher focus/fury the better. It means the caster/warlock have a larger control area to work with. There are exceptions to the rules some casters are designed as more frontline fighters and usually have lower focus/fury stats as a result, but can wreck face in melee.

    -Heavy infantry are great because they can't be trampled, which is a easy way for a jack/beast to clear out light infantry. They also have medium bases helping to block LOS in certain instances.

    -You take beasts/jacks because they generally have higher Mat/Rat and P+S than a trooper. You also get free points to buy them with, not to mention the ability to boost attack and damage rolls.

    -Lights are taken because they are cheaper in points than heavies and usually fill a gap in the army with their special abilities (arc nodes, animus, etc.)

    Hope that helps out a little!