Friday, February 4, 2011

40k on Sale

Bad Economic times are upon us all, and as such I am looking to sell off some of my excess goods. If you are interested in picking up some 40k stuff for cheap, I have armies up for sale. The items up for sale include mainly Crimson Fist Space Marines, Dark Eldar, and a few units from Tau and Daemons.

A full list can be found on the Wartrukk.

Cheers folks!


  1. Mind listing the Tau units with asking prices ?

    Nice blog btw.

  2. Thank you, Cogitator. I hope you like what we put forward in the future and I'll pass this on to Loki.

  3. The Tau list is rather short, and some of it has gone already.

    What's left is a team of Fiewarriors (a slight conversion has been made to make them Tron-esk with the release of the new movie. The backpacks were replaced with Data Disks, and the Leader has one in his hand.

    I also have 2 sniper drone teams which I purchased off of Heretic.

    The rest has gone already. If you'd like to make an offer, we can move from there. Was hoping for around 40 bucks or something. Let me know.

  4. How much for the sniper drone teams ? Sorry, but I am not really interested in the firewarriors.

  5. Fair enough. How does $35 work for both teams?