Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Fourth War for Armageddon

So looking on GW's website, there has been a rise of talk about the oldest and best known campaign depicting the fight for Armageddon. The battle for this forgeworld was practically a full fledged war in itself as it brought one of the largest ork invasions known to history against not only the entire Steel Legion of the Imperial Guard, but also several chapters of the Astartes.

So vast was the undertaking that the entire planet was caught in the war. Many heroes were created from their time on this planet. Commissar Yarrick, High Marshal Helbrecht and Chaplain Grimaldus of the Black Templars, The Forgefather of the Salamanders, Captain Tycho of the Blood Angels,and of course Gazgull Thraka of the Goff clan are just a few for starters. All were created as a part of this colossal war by GW. But this was merely the Third war for the planet.

After looking at GW's website, they have released quite a few bits of additional game play out there for the players to soak up and enjoy. Planetary Empires now has a map and a full campaign, several scenarios for not only standard 40k, but Apocalypse and Planetstrike have also made their way into the news feeds as well. All of them depicting something massive, something historical, something... we've already seen before.

I was honestly a little disappointed at this display of "Look what we've already done!" While yes the history, and the action, and the overall feel of the Armageddon Campaign was massive and fun, I have seen it already... I've played many a game based on it. Personally I wish they would put more effort into creating a new campaign.

GW has made no secret of their push to use special characters in armies to help bolster their playability and versatile army constructions... but they aren't giving us a reason too. I fell in love with some of the stories about characters during the old Armageddon war and that's why I loved them to start with. Grimaldus has always been one of my favorite characters in the entirety of 40k (this is helped by the fact I love Chaplains), and all I have ever gotten to read of him was his involvement in the defense of Hive Helsreach. Surely that isn't all he or the others present there have done.

So in the end, I enjoy the fact that GW is putting out some fun alternative game styles for us the player base to enjoy. But I am really hoping in the future there are new Places to fight over. I think GW could really shine if they would just give us another huge campaign to love. Armageddon was a world wide fight when it was originally released in 3rd edition... let's hope they can do it again!

So I now open the thread to anyone. What fight's would you like to see? Is there a massive fight you'd like to see (Similar to Armageddon, or Forgeworld's Badab Wars). Or do you have an epic idea for an original conflict. This game is all about customizing your own fights, so lets hear em!

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  1. I think a campaign version of the Battle for Maccrage would be awesome.. Or a capaign version of the battle over the Dark eldar city