Saturday, February 12, 2011

Inside Look: Furioso Dreadnought

Greetings, and welcome to another Inside Look. With the news of Grey Knights on the horizon and their images now plastered up on every 40k blog, the second wave release of the Blood Angels has almost all but disappeared from the news feeds. However, this isn't entirely true as the Stormraven kit has been the talk of the town. While yes, the Stormraven offers something new, as well as a beautiful model, it has been the only real chatter to come of the new wave.

The other well known, but rather untalked about model is the new Furioso kit. This is rather baffling to me as the new Dreadnought box is one of the most beautiful and most useful model recreations to come about in 5th (in this player's opinion). As you may know, the old Furioso model was 100% metal. This made it a real pain in the ars to not only put together, but to prevent from chipping and the like. The new kit not only offers us all the new weapons upgrades that are available to the Blood Angels players, but also offers them a new and lightweight model to play; and the fun doesn't stop there.

The kit also includes the pieces needed to build beautiful Death Company and Librarian dreads to round off every variant Angel players could need. Every variant of the kit (standard, D.C., and Lib.) are stunningly beautiful in detail, and have a nice number of Blood Angel iconographic pieces to really add the flavor of the chapter to the model. While this is almost always a positive, it is this part that usually hurts many new models, as they become increasingly hard to convert for alternative chapter use. However, the iconography here is generally placed on flat or softly curved areas allowing for ease in removing the icons if one was wanting the kit for a different chapter.

I have to say of all the dreadnought kits to be released within 5th this is one of the most viable for conversion and assembly. While other kits are far from bad, the Furioso Kit allows for a number of builds to allow players of any chapter to capitalize on it's beautiful design.

I have looked into all the pieces provided, and made a small list of alternative dreadnoughts which could be made using this kit and some various common bits from Marine armies.

Chaplain Dreadnought
Using the D.C. torso, add some scroll work to cover the X on the left side plate. Depending on what variant you are wanting to create, the weapons lay out would be varied. However, I could see and have an idea for making a Dreadnought-sized Crozious to smite the enemy with.

Ironclad Dreadnought
I would use the standard torso with a little bit of iconography removal. This would make a nice Ironclad that fits the aesthetic choice of those who do not like the blocky feel of the Ironclad kit.

Grey Knight Dreadnought
Using the Lib. torso, as well as a spare Terminator head (using the proper conversion method linked here) one could make a very nice dreadnought to fit in with any Grey Knights army.

And there you have it. These are just a few ideas of ways to create more possibilities for this already varied kit. Dreadnoughts have been, and always will be one of my favorite units in the 41st millennium both in fluff and model, and naturally this kit is one of my favorite new releases of 5th. Feel free to post pics or links to other dreadnoughts you enjoy here.


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