Sunday, February 13, 2011


by Ishamael...image unrelated, it's just the coolest part in Towers of Midnight

For those unaware of the term used above to describe what I'm about to write about...shame on you! Regardless of how 40K Radio was not for the competitive among us, it was a fantastic show to listen to just because of the interactions among the guys running it. At any rate, 'ere we go!

So, it seems to be the case that the next tournament at the LGS is going to be 1500. Not the best point limit to play in the game, but hey, gotta work with it. So, for those of you so inclined to read over at Yes the Truth Hurts, Stelek recently put up a new Tau list that focused on mobility and torrent of fire, not playing keep away. So, I considered how I might attempt to use that list in a smaller game, and this is what I came up with:

Shas'el 75
-Flamer, hard-wired Blacksun Filter, TL-missle pod
2x 10 Kroot 140
6 Fire Warriors 145
-Devilfish (Disruption Pod)
3x3 Crisis Suits 456
-3x TL-missile pod, 2x Drone Controller, Blacksun Filter, 2 Gun Drones
3 Piranhas 225 (each in a separate FA slot)
-Fusion Blaster, Targeting Array, Disruption Pod
Hammerhead 175
-Railgun, Smart Missile System, Disruption Pod, Landing Gear, Multi-Tracker, Targeting Array
2 Broadsides 203
-Advanced Stabilization System, Team Leader, Hard-wired Target Lock, 2 Shield Drones, Hard-wired Blacksun Filter
1 Broadside 80
-Advanced Stabilization System


A weakness here is only having 2 hulls to hide my Crisis Suit teams behind, so odds are one team will have to just suck it up and travel behind one of the Kroot squads. With the Blacksun filters, Night Fight becomes negligible on the basis that 2d6 averages 7, which one multiplies by 3, giving 21, then doubling it, for 42 inches of sight. I only need 36. So, minimum on 2d6 is a 6 for max range...which I can re-roll because of Acute Senses. The decked-out Team Leader in the Broadsides can reach out and touch someone as well. It should be relatively easy to make up the Gun Drones I need for each team. One very interesting thing about this list, as well as the one Stelek posited, is the capacity to cause a number of pinning tests on enemies with some luck. So, 10 Twin-Linked missile pods per turn, 4 Railguns, 3 fast sacrificial melta-gun toting Piranhas, and there are still 3 troop choices. It has mobility, target saturation, and it looks like fun.

Must play. :3

I'll show you the greater wood,

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  1. I think you mean taurable.

    Looks like an interesting list. Have to see it in action.