Wednesday, March 23, 2011

In the Pipeline

Hey folks, Ishamael here with a small update on some things I am working on.

To continue my analysis of the tournament structures of GW and PP, expect the Warmachine bit this Friday. To hint at what'll be in there, all I'm going to say now is that Warmachine has fundamental problems on the gaming level before one can even get to a tournament.

I have wanted for some time to do a series of articles on Tau deployment, but I can't get VASSAL to work properly for me, so I'll be uploading pictures from a table here in the house. There'll be deployment thoughts, subsequent turns, and deploying for multiple gametypes.

Lastly, I've been wanting to write something on how gender is approached in Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time books. While many things are similar to own own cultures, the power structure of that world is such that it warrants a close look at the correlation on how saidin is tainted, and saidar safe to touch. It'll probably begin macroscopically, then microscopically.

Oh, and I need to be painting my damn Tau army. Nobody told me that 400 level classes are graduate-level work, and I'm taking 4!

pew pew,


  1. Ah reminds me of when I took Stats 503 as a sophmore. class was 75% grad students.

    Darn it Tau! I've been trying to start them up for a while now, but if they are released next/soon, I'll be jumping on the bandwagon. Haha, oh well.

  2. Statistics alone sounds terrifying, let alone a 500-level course...

    I've heard a shadow of a rumor about later this year, but if Tau come out before Necrons, I'm going to be flabbergasted.

  3. man, most of my Sr. Year of college was Grad level courses.

    it's hard to pull good grades when it's the only class for 75% of the people in the class, and you're pulling 4 of 'em at that level.